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Travelocity joins the campaign for children with HIV/AIDS

On Friday February 8th Travelocity, one of the biggest travel agencies in the U.S., along with the Olympus Tours Foundation, delivered the donation of food supplies that will help strengthen the immune system of people with HIV  AIDS, to the Association “Learning to Live with HIV  AIDS”.

On behalf of the beneficiaries, Alejandra Lara, Director of “Learning to Live with HIV AIDS” received a total of 296 bottles of feeding supplement that the Travelocity´s staff gathered during the campaign held in December 2012.

These bottles donated, will help considerably in the enhancement of the health of those women and children who need it.

With this action, the travel agency reaffirms its support to the Foundation, and its commitment with the most unprotected families in Cancun.

Thank you Travelocity

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