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The “Huellas De Pan” initiative

Because food and education are universal human rights, Olympus Tours Foundation 2013 endorses this commitment to the association Huellas de Pan and its “Food for Education” project, to contribute to performance and dropout prevention for children.

The “Huellas De Pan” initiative:

“Huellas De Pan” is a civil association that provides attention to society´s most vulnerable groups in the city of Cancun, regarding the feeding insecurity.

Where is it located?

In the 96th region of the city, one of the neighbourhoods with the highest levels of juvenile violence.

What is its main objective?

To provide nutritious food for these vulnerable groups, in order to improve their quality of life.

How is it achieved?

  • By providing children and elders with food donated by Hotels and companies.
  • By assigning food allowance to all the boys and girls in the program, with the purpose of improving their nutrition level and contributing in this manner to reduce the number of school dropouts.
  • By bringing food supplies on weekends, to the most economically affected areas of the city.

How many people have been beneficiated so far?

On 2011, 33, 956 food supplies were given, being the 60% for children, and the 40% for the elderly adults. On 2012, 40,500 food supplies were given, and 56 minors received food allowance.

Where does the support come from?

From companies, hotels, and people who donate either money or food, and from the profit earned on garage sales, and 2nd hand cloth sales organized by the association.

We seek to encourage more and more people to join this cause. With your help many children and elders will continue to receive the assistance they need, in order to see a brighter future.

If like us, you think that building a more just and united world is everyone’s job, we invite you to join us in the “Fundraising Campaign 2013″ and help build a better future for these children.