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The event was held on June 9th at the Olympus Tours Foundation headquarters in Cancun whereby the institutions that participated in the Ocean Conservancy organized effort were recognized.

During the event, Alejandra Lopez Roman, National Coordinator of Ocean Conservancy announced the results of the International Coastal Cleanup 2014 to representatives of companies, public institutions, schools and the media and recognized those who have participated in this environmental campaign for five consecutive years.

Among the data provided by Alejandra Lopez it is noted that Mexico ranks 9th among countries with the highest number of volunteers and Quintana Roo the state with the largest number of volunteers participating in this event, with more than 25 000 kids, teens and families.

The next international beach clean up will take place on September 20th and Olympus Tours will of course, be present.

Entrega de reconocimientos, 10 de Junio 2015Reconocimiento Limpieza de Playas 2014



Felicidades Mamas!!

The Olympus Tours Foundation had the opportunity to collaborate with the Club de los Años Dorados (Golden Years Club), a civil organization that helps the elderly, by providing gifts for the club’s annual Mother’s Day raffle.

As part of the festivities about 200 people enjoyed the raffle, a meal and a special show. On this occasion, Olympus Tours was also honored to be part of the celebration by providing two double invitations for a delicious dinner aboard a Spanish galleon.

The Golden Years Club is a day center for elderly people living in Cancun. Their facility receives more than 150 pensioners every day who take part in various artistic, recreational and health promoting activities.


Dia del Niño 2015

On Saturday April 25th Olympus Tours and the Olympus Tours Foundation organized an event with various activities, games and fun for the children of the Olympus family in Cancun.

The event was held in Kabah Park and attended by the children and their parents. The first contest was for yoyos followed by a rally organized by those students from Conalep Cancun II, who have scholarships from the Foundation and the moms and dads with their kids teamed up to complete the challenges.

The rally called “Challenge to take care of the environment”, aimed to familiarize participants with the basic principles of using, developing and disposal of solid waste. This is an issue that Olympus Tours has been working on for a couple of years on, together with its staff and now with this type of activity is trying to pass along the message to their families.

After the rally everyone enjoyed the musical Drums in Paradise, where they also got a chance to learn about rare musical instruments like a banjo and a gong among others. The day ended with lunch, cake and a lot of smiling faces.

Drums in Paradise con Olympus ToursExperimentando con los tambores


Entrega de mesas

On Friday April 17th Mr. Lakis Charalambous, the President of Olympus Tours Foundation, delivered desks to La Escuelita purchased by the Foundation with donations from Team Leaders  of GOGO Vacations, an Olympus tours business partner. Students at La Escuelita can now enjoy school more comfortably and productively.

La Escuelita is an organization that teaches boys and girls who for various reasons cannot enter the formal education system. It is located in the Bonfil, one of Cancun’s most contrasting neighborhoods.

La Escuelita, Abril 2015


On Saturday March 28th the Olympus Tours Foundation participated, as it does every year, along with other civil societies in Cancun in Earth Hour with the goal to raise awareness about climate change.

Among the activities that took place was a night race, starting from the beginning of the Hotel Zone in downtown Cancun (locally known as “Kilometro zero”), and ending at kilometer 4.5. Following the race the lights in the Garden of Art were symbolically turned off.

Along with these activities the Olympus Tours offices also turned off all lights at the appropriate hour, between 8:30 and 9:30 pm.

Earth Hour is an international movement created to draw the attention of citizens, businesses, governments and civil society organizations to the causes of climate change and its effects on Earth and our daily lives.

Presentes en La Hora del Planeta 2015

La hora del Planeta 2015

Rodada nocturna


Universidad del Caribe, Marzo 28 2015

On Friday March 27th the Olympus Tours Foundation participated in a panel discussion titled “Civil Society Organizations work for public safety in Cancun” within the framework of the  Universidad del Caribe (University of the Caribbean’s) XVI Week on Human Development.

The XVI Human Development Week’s objectives were to explore the many possibilities for citizens to participate in social change and promote active and democratic contribution as well as support university students in the preparation of proposals for human development.

In addition to the Olympus Tours Foundation there were also representatives of the Servicio, Educación, Sexualidad Y Salud A. C. (SEEDSSA) and the Centro Integral de Atención a las Mujeres A.C. (CIAM). They shared their experiences working and talking with university students about the many possibilities we have, both as individuals and a society to participate in the safety of our environment.




On March 20th, Team Leaders from GOGO Vacations, a U.S. based tour operator and part of the Flight Centre international group helped us donate food supplements to the Learning to Live with HIV AIDS organization here in Cancun.

Alejandra Lara Hernández, director of the organization, said the food supplements will be delivered to people with HIV or AIDS without the financial resources to provide themselves with this kind of indispensable help in fighting the illness.

Learning to Live with HIV AIDS is a local organization in Cancun that provides assistance and support to people with HIV AIDS and their families.


On March 13th the Olympus Tours Foundation, within the framework of the “Camino Compartido” (Shared Path) program, donated clothes, shoes and various household items collected during our fundraising campaign among employees and customers to Manos de Apoyo and Vida.
Manos de Apoyo and Vida (“Hands of support and life”), is an organization, located in the region 236 of Cancun, whose mission is to provide support and services to low income people, through programs and projects that motivate them to realize their potential to develop meaningful and lasting changes in their lives.

“Shared Path” is a program that aims to support, through financial donations and or in kind, to civil society organizations working with children and young people of Cancun  living in vulnerable conditions.

Donación de articulos, marzo 15

Olympus Tours and its Foundation in FIAP 2015

LA UNION, realizada por Narcelio Grud

From the 21st to the 28th of February the International Festival of Public Art (FIAP) was held in Cancun. Olympus Tours and the Foundation participated as a sponsors and offered an outside wall of our premises to house the work of Brazilian artist Narcélio Grud. The FIAP 2015 is intended to promote Cancun as an international showcase of public art and contribute to the development of art tourism in the city.

For a week, twenty local and foreign artists worked in various public spaces in the city contributing murals, installations and artistic interventions that reflected their vision of Cancun, its inhabitants and its multicultural background.

Case in point is the mural done by Narcélio Grud at our offices entitled “Union”. The mural consists of five asexual ‘’beings’’, half human half alien, emerging from some kind of liquid portals. The first figure is alone and seems to be searching for something on the right, two emerging figures that seem to recognize each other and finally in the center, two beings so close to one another that one´s hands merge with the other´s chest, blurring the concept of individuality.

los seres de Narcelio

These ‘’beings’’, as Narcelio calls them, are recurring figures in his work and symbolize the men and women of all races, colors and nationalities. Usually portrayed touching and merging, they give us a few clues about Narcélio´s interests as an artist and person: primarily understanding otherness.

Otherness, according to the Real Academia de la Lengua, is “the condition of being another”. And in the mural painted by Narcélio at Olympus Tours, otherness is expressed in each of these beings, “those others at the end”, as Octavio Paz in Piedra de Sol would say, are ourselves.

Narcélio Grud is from Fortaleza, a Brazilian city “much like Cancun, known for its tourism and also having spectacular skies”. He studied interior design but his tastes and interests soon led him down the path of art.

He is a graffiti artist and muralist, he creates sound installations and makes musical instruments sui generis, inventor, set designer, artistic promoter and above all a warm and restless explorer of the human spirit.

Among the aesthetic concerns of Narcélio is research on the role of the spectator in receiving the artwork, therefore, many of his work goes from being an observer to active participation in the artistic process.

He is of the opinion that urban art helps to make people happy because not only does it beautify and therefore makes our surroundings more livable, but also serves to communicate or causes us to reflect on issues and problems concerning the inhabitants of any city, something which speaks of the deep social commitment of the artist.

Like our Foundation and Olympus Tours, Narcélio is convinced that companies have a very important role in society, as their responsibility focuses not only to being an employer but improving quality of life for everybody, and a way of doing this is by bringing art to the community.

So remember, the next time you visit Cancun do not forget to take a stroll down the city streets and admire the murals and other artwork that FIAP has brought to us. And if you want a look at Narcélio’s mural you’ll find it at our location on Yaxchilan Avenue, near the corner of Kabah.

Mural de NarcelioNarcelio Crud

Scholarships to secondary education students

comité vinculación conalep

For the second time, this February the Olympus Tours Foundation has given out five scholarships to students attending the Conalep Cancun II upper secondary education school. The scholarships were awarded after a socio economic study that determined the needs for all the involved students.

 Besides awarding the scholarships, as part of our “Estudiar sí es posible” program, the Olympus Foundation also participates with principals, teachers and representative of companies and other educational institutes in the schools liaison committee.

This committee facilitates effective and organized participation between different parts of the community to better help and improve students.

During this school year the Olympus Tours Foundation also is a part of the Resourcing and Support Commission. The committee’s main functions are to promote and support the sale of services and training, promote the collection of donations, deliver grants and economic stimuli and promote the school’s, its students and alumni’s image.

“Health Challenge Olympus 2015″

Reto por la Salud 2015

The “Health Challenge Olympus 2015″ started on Tuesday February 17th, an activity that is part of our overall “Health and Wellness” project which aims to help improve the physical and mental health of our employees.

The “Health Challenge Olympus 2015″ is a contest for weight loss that lasts three months. It started on Tuesday February 17th and will end on Monday, May 18th. During this period, participants will receive email information about healthy eating and exercise tips for a safe and fun workout. There will also be presentations from nutritionists organized by Olympus Tours.

 Beyond the competition as such, the goal of this project is to promote better eating habits and help incorporate physical activity into everyday life for the employees of Olympus Tours.

 According to the Ministry of Health, obesity is a major public health problem in our country. Twenty five percent of occupational disabilities and disorders are obesity related, it causes costs of between 22% and 34% on family income and three out of four hospital beds are occupied by patients with obesity related illnesses. “Health Challenge Olympus 2015″ and the “Health and Wellness” program are part of Olympus Tours’ social responsibility strategy coordinated by the Olympus Tours Foundation and showcase the company’s commitment to welfare.


Celebrating Candlemas day with Apafhdem

Erik y su amiga el Dia de la Candelaria en Apafdhem

On February 2nd Olympus Tours Foundation accompanied the young people of Apafhdem to eat tamales, a popular traditional food in Mexico on Candelmas day, also known as the Virgin of Candelaria ´s Day.

 According to Christian beliefs this is the day to celebrate  the Virgin Mary’s purification and is the same day when the infant Christ was presented before the temple in Jerusalem. The tamales eaten during the festivities symbolize the offering Joseph and Mary brought to the temple when presenting the child Jesus.

Apafhdem is a non profit organization in Cancun that provides occupational opportunities to intellectually disabled people.

Dia de la Candelaria 2015, con los jóvenes de Apafthem


Exhibition “20 years of Olympus Tours” in the Olympus gallery

Los primeros años de Olympus Tours

 The “20 years of Olympus Tours” exhibition was inaugurated on Wednesday, December 10th, and through photographs, banners, acknowledgements and various promotional materials, illustrates some of the most memorable moments from the company’s  and its foundation´s history.

Olympus Tours was established in Cancun in 1994 and 20 years later has expanded to multiple locations in the Mexico, the Dominican Republic and shortly to Panama.

This exhibition, inaugurated by its president Mr. Lakis Charalambous,  is not only a way to celebrate our company´s 20 year journey, it is also a way to show our gratitude for the effort and goodwill of all the amazing people in the past and present that helped make Olympus Tours what it is today.

The opening of the exhibition coincided with our posada, in which Mary´s and Joseph´s pilgrimage in search of posada prior to Jesus birth was represented. An opportunity for all our employees and their families to get together and celebrate. Everyone was able to savor a warm ponche and some tasty tamales. The event concluded with the breaking of the piñatas.

Inauguración de la exposición 20 Años de Olympus Tours   Santos Peregrinos

Piñata    Max feliz por sus dulces


…and Christmas has arrived!!

Llegó la Navidad, en La Burbuja!

December just arrived and of course the last month of the year includes the posadas, the gifts and the joy of Christmas. In the spirit of the season and to be part of the happiness of children and young people from different organizations of Cancún, the Olympus Tours Foundation has offered the following support and donations:

 • A financial donation to the Capec association which works with children with limited resources and suffer from diabetes. This donation helped the association organize the posada, where sweets were replaced with fruit and vegetables.

• A donation to Seedssa, an organization whose objective is to promote the education of young people, especially on issues of sexual and reproductive rights. Again the donation was used for their posada which included over four hundred young people, and was an opportunity to give information on the responsible exercise of sexuality.

 • Gifts to students and teachers of “La Escuelita”, a special school located on the colony of Bonfil that gives regular classes to children and teenagers who, for various reasons, don´t have the privilege of enrolling in the formal education system.

 • Financial donation to the “Huellas de Pan” association for the celebration of its posada.

 • Candy and treats for the children and teachers of “La Burbuja”, a daycare that depends on the DIF and which has, for several years now, been our Foundations “goddaughter”.

 Rodolfo el renoposada 2014 escuelita (1)

Olympus Tours Foundation on #GivingTuesday


The Olympus Tours Foundation is participating in GivingTuesday, a movement celebrated by many around the world. This is a chance to give back to the community for both individuals and organizations. Our Foundation is planning the following and encourages you as well to take part.

Provide transportation for the children of “There is Life in my Dreams Zacatecas, A.C.” while visiting Cancun.

 This is an organization dedicated to helping children with terminal illnesses from the state of Zacatecas. A group of children will visit Cancunto fulfill their dream to look at the ocean and Olympus Tours Foundation will support the realization of this dream by providing their transportation on December 2nd.

 Participate in a football tournament to benefit the Jorge Alann Foundation for Children with Autism

 Our Foundation will be represented by colleagues from Olympus Tours on December 6th and all proceeds generated by the tournament will be donated to the Jorge Alann Foundation.

 Donation to the “Learning to Live with HIV AIDS” organization

This donation will be offered by Olympus Tours in conjunction with one of its most important partners; GOGO Vacations. On December 9th, the two companies will visit the headquarters of “Learning to Live with HIV AIDS” to deliver special food supplies containing essential supplements to strengthen the immune system of those affected by this disease.

As its name implies, “Learning to Live with HIV AIDS” is working with HIV positive people and their families, offering support in a variety of ways.

 GivingTuesday, is a global movement celebrating the spirit of giving back. Companies, schools, foundations and social organizations in Cancun are promoting the importance of generosity and this is your chance to take part.

GOGO Vacations and Olympus Tours Foundation support communities in the Dominican Republic

DESPUES DEL INCENDIOHabitantes de Haiti Chiquito en República DominicanaEn apoyo a Juanillo

On September 24th, the day of Mercedes, a special celebration day in the Dominican Republic, was the moment  that  Olympus Tours Foundation, a Mexican civil nonprofit association,  performed its first services outside the Mexican territory.

Led by partners Olympus Tours and GOGO Vacations, one of the tour operators most renowned in the United States and part of the international group Flight Centre, visited the suburban community known as “Haiti Chiquito,” located in the vicinity of Bavaro Punta Cana, which was recently the victim of a fire that consumed 32 homes, affecting 64 families who most unfortunately lost everything.

A month after the fateful event, many of the inhabitants of “Haiti Chiquito” still have nowhere to live, so GOGO Vacations Team Leaders donated building materials (cement, bricks, blocks etc.) to contribute to the reconstruction of homes affected and the gradual normalization of life of survivors, whom still despite their current living conditions, keep hope, joy and zest for life.

Besides delivering donations, Martin, Brian, Blessed, Kimberly, Mary, Regina, Rachel and Timothy, GOGO Team Leaders, along with Olympus Foundation volunteers visited together, shared food and played with the children.

 The last activity of the day was the delivery of school supplies to the students of the Juanillo school, an educational institution that has worked as a promoter to assist the enrichment of life for many people in the community; study and shared classes, children and adults who for some reason have not completed their studies. The children received school supplies and shared with visitors their dreams and plans for “when they grow up.”

With this activity, Olympus Tours, through its Foundation, GOGO Worldwide Vacations, both reaffirmed the commitment of their respective companies to improve the quality of life in the communities where they operate.

La escuela de JuanilloEn Haiti Chiquito


Workshop “Creative Reuse of Waste” begins with Beach Clean-up

Limpieza de Playa en Isla Blanca

On Sunday, October 21st, under the International Beach Cleanup Day, students and relatives of the American International School and Conalep Cancun II participated in the collection and separation of waste carried out in the area of ​​Isla Blanca, north of Cancun. With this action, we initiated the workshop “Creative Reuse of Waste” featuring the Olympus Tours Foundation to produce art objects from debris found on the beaches of Cancun.

This workshop of Olympus Tours Foundation aims to contribute to the awareness of children and teenagers about the importance of keeping beaches clean, a natural heritage of Cancun habitants, andat the same time that the objects we traditionally call “junk” can have a life after serving the function for which they were created.

The “Creative Reuse of Waste” workshop will be held every Saturday in October at the Olympus Gallery, main office of our foundation.

Trabajos de limpieza en el area de Isla Blancaclasificación de desechos

separación de residuos21 de septiembre limpieza de playa

Olympus Tours Foundation at the 2014 Coastal Cleanup Day

Brigada Olympus en Playa Marlin

Responding to the call of the international organization Ocean Conservancy, on Sunday September 21st Olympus Tours Foundation, along with dozens of other companies, educational institutions, civil society organizations and public agencies, participated in the 29th edition of the International Coastal Cleanup that was organized in Cancun.

Members of Olympus Tours and their families participated in cleaning up Playa Marlin, showing their whole hearted commitment and the company’s philosophy for the care and conservation of the environment.

Olympus Tours Foundation, apart from the work crew on the beach, provided its facilities for the press conference this year, where the people of Cancun were invited to participate in the annual beach cleanup campaign.

International Beaches Cleanup Day has been instituted by the Ocean Conservancy, and is celebrated in over one hundred countries. On this day, thousands of people collect all kinds of garbage and solid waste from beaches and rivers, identifying their sources in order to modify the behaviors that causes pollution.

Familia Olympusplaya Marlinmiembros de la brigada Olympus

participando en la Limpieza de Playa 2014


GOGO Vacations and Olympus Tours Foundation supporting the education of underprivileged children in Cancun

 Childrens of La Escuelita & GoGo Vacations Agents

On September 10th a group of team leaders and agents of GOGO Vacations, joined our Foundation staff to visit “La Escuelita”; this school serves over 100 children who were unable to enter the formal education system on a yearly basis.

The GOGO Vacation agents donated on behalf of their eastern office colleagues, school supplies and tables to “La Escuelita” students. In appreciation for this donation the children performed a dance, offered drawings and thank you letters to their GoGo Vacations sponsors.

La Escuelita (The Little School) located in Bonfil, one of the underprivileged areas of Cancun, is a place that welcomes children that for various reasons could not enter to formal schooling, providing regularization and daily breakfast. Currently, La Escuelita has 120 students, divided into different educational levels ranging from kindergarten to high school.

On the same day, Pamela Scott, Area Leader and the other GOGO Team Leaders from offices located in Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Kansas, among other cities, took advantage of their stay in Cancun to also visit the Foundation offices and make a financial donation.

We thank Pamela Scott, Colleen Adams, Pamela Cook, Brenda Fury, Carol Renzulla, Diana Cawley, Michelle Johnson, Teresa Renfroe, Lori Browe, Elizabeth Hunt and the all the GOGO Consultants that supported this noble caused and joined by donating school supplies to La Escuelita and Olympus Tours Foundation.

GOGO Vacations, is part of Flight Centre USA, the most important FIT Company in North America and one of the most important commercial partners of Olympus Tours.

Visit to La EscuelitaThank you letters from the Children

La Escuelita boysschool supplies

GoGo Vacations agents

Support for Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Graduación de promotoras de Educación Sexual - Diplomado SEEDSSA  en galeria Olympus

On August 26th, at the Olympus Gallery, the main offices of our Foundation, the graduation ceremony from the  was held, which was organized by the association on sexual education in Cancun SEEDSSA.

As part of the support provided by Olympus Tours Foundation for the training and professionalization of civil society organizations working with different groups living in vulnerable conditions, last April, 2014 two scholarships were awarded to young people in our community to attend the first Training Course on Sex Education which was offered in Quintana Roo.

Among the topics discussed in the modules of the course were sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancies, dating violence, use of contraception and HIV prevention.


Balloon Twisting, Makeup and Laughter Therapy workshops, from “Doctors of Humor”

Taller de maquillaje, 2014

On July 12th, 13th and August 3rd the association Doctores Del Humor, (“Doctors of Humor”) offered Balloon Twisting, Makeup and Laughter Therapy workshops for volunteers in the Olympus Gallery, main offices of our Foundation.

As part of the program to support organizations working with groups living in vulnerable conditions in Cancun and our program to offer our Gallery  for training programs, our offices were filled with altruistic people excited about sharing love and joy to hospitalized children and adults.

Taller de Globoflexia Agosto 2014Taller de maquillaje

Recognition for the participation and sponsorship of the International Coastal Cleanup Day

reconocimiento limpieza de playas

On July 17, 2014, the Olympus Tours Foundation received, along with dozens of citizens, schools, and socially responsible companies a recognition for the participation and sponsorship of the International Coastal Cleanup held in Cancun in September 2013.

The recognition was for the employees of Olympus Tours and their families and student volunteers, who with the Olympus Tours Foundation, worked to raise awareness with Cancun’s youth about the importance of protecting and conserving the environment.

For 2014, the Foundation is preparing to join this important event organized by Ocean Conservancy and its local representative Arsa Caribbean.

Cultural Saturday with Huellas de Pan

4 de Julio 2014 con Huellas de Pan a la Universidad Humanitas

As part of the support to the association Huellas de Pan, on Saturday July 4th, Olympus Tours Foundation provided transportation to the children who attended with the chairperson of the Association to visit the University Humanitas.

Huellas de Pan, each Saturday organizes artistic and cultural activities at the region 96 park of Cancun. The program includes workshops, visits and trips to places of educational interest.

Olympus Tours Foundation joined PaLibrArte cultural festival

PaLibrArte 2014

From 17th to 20th of June, Olympus Tours Foundation joined for the first time PaLibrArte cultural festival, which took place for the fifth consecutive year in Cancun, thanks to the initiative and volunteer work of cultural promoters, poets, playwrights, journalists and other creative artists who offer educational workshops.

The headquarters of the Foundation, the Olympus Gallery has hosted the workshops, whose focus has been the promotion of reading, training the public and encourage young artists. Drama workshops, illustration, proofreading, editorial design, radio production, production of posters were delivered, amongst others.

 The participation of students from different universities, colleges and high schools in the workshops has been very encouraging, showing that the young Cancunenses have interest in culture and its various manifestations.



Children´s Day at the “Escuelita” and “La Burbuja”

En La Escuelita  Dia del Niño 2014

As it is custom, every April 30, Olympus Tours Foundation celebrates the children of Cancun. This year we celebrated the day with members of two of the institutions, which we work closely; with “La Escuelita” and the Day Care “La Burbuja” ( The Bubble) We congratulated and we delivered a symbolic little gift to everyone on this day.

“La Escuelita” and “La Burbuja” are two spaces in Cancun that care and educate children while their parents work, fulfilling the important task of providing protection and care for a healthy growth.

Dia del Niño 2014

Olympus Tours Foundation Supports Astra-Cancun Fundraising Campaign

Colaborando con Astra

On April 15, Olympus Tours Foundation in support of the fundraising efforts of Astra Cancun association, in occasion of the World Day for Autism, contributed for a raffle, donating complimentary tours complimentary tours to enjoy a day on a Catamaran sailing and swim with the dolphins at Isla Mujeres.

Astra Cancun is a civil nonprofit organization with over 15 year experience dedicated to promoting the welfare of persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Offering services such as early detection and diagnosis, as well as developing skills of independence in the home, the community and at work.

Doctors of the Humor training course in the Olympus Gallery

Doctores del Humor en la Galería Olympus

On Sunday, March 30, the association of “Doctores Del Humor Cancun” (Doctors of the Humor Cancun) provided its course to train members of a new entry in the Olympus Gallery Foundation´s main office.

 Altruistically,  psychologists, teachers students, housewives and more made part of this association whose mission is to bring joy to people living under hard conditions; through gelo therapy bring joy to hospitalized children, their families and medical staff, relaxing the tension in the hospital.

The Olympus Tours foundation, congratulating the members of the civil association for his work, gladly offered their facilities for the training of new members.

Doctores del HumorCurso de Capacitación Doctores del Humor


Children to the Theater

Huellas de Pan al teatro

On March 26, Olympus Tours Foundation contributed with the association “Huellas de Pan”, taking the children of this association to the theater, to enjoy the staging of “Pipi”, by Mexican award winning playwright Jaime Chabaud, presented on this occasion by Nuncamerlot Theater in B2B Cancun Hotel.

Olympus Tours vehicles transported the children who were full of excitement, and appreciated this wonderful work that addresses childhood fears, like monsters and family situations that occur when a new member joins the family.

“Huellas de Pan” is an organization that works to provide food to people with financial difficulties, including children and elderly people.

Visiting Exposition

Camino ItineranteFebrero 2014 Instituto Tecnologico de Cancun

The Olympus Tours Foundation´s exhibition “Endangered Animals of Quintana Roo ” was released on February 5th  at the Olympus Gallery where it is headquartered, to approach directly the children and youth in Cancun city. It´s journey began at the Technological University of Cancún, continued at the International American School of Cancun, AC and will continue to visit various schools.

The purpose of this exhibition is to raise awareness about the importance of protecting and conserving biodiversity, including state wildlife and serve as support material for teachers of the subjects of environmental education.



Olympus Foundation Invites to the Theater

across the universe

The Olympus Tours Foundation offered its´ support to the Center for Temporary Care DIF with the purchase of 40 tickets for the event held on February 14 in order to raise funds for this center in downtown Cancun where children in vulnerable situation are attended, mainly with problems of neglect, abuse and violence, as well as legal issues regarding custody.

The Foundation offered the tickets for its volunteers and their families to enjoy the presentation of the juvenile musical “Across the Universe”, with music by the Beatles.


Conalep II visited the exhibition “Animals of Quintana Roo endangered”

visita conalep

On Friday 31 January students of the National College of Technical Professional Education, Conalep II, visited the exhibition “Animals of Quintana Roo endangered”, which aims to raise awareness among children and youth about the importance of conserving the natural heritage our state of Quintana Roo and Yucatan.

Students of the second, fourth and sixth semester of high school visited the exhibition as part of after school activities. This program seeks to improve the graduation profile of students with activities that complement their personal and professional development.

Estudiantes de Conalep II en la Galería OlympusVisita de Conalep II

Environmental Day at the municipal daycare “La Burbuja”

IAS Students with Olympus Tours Foundation

On Saturday, December 7, Olympus Tours Foundation invited middle and high school students of International American School of Cancun to participate in the Environmental Day at the “Burbuja”, children municipal daycare managed by the Department for Family Integration (DIF) located in the region 233 of Cancun and which the Foundation is a Godmother.

The workday was to reuse car tires as planters. The tires were cut, turned, painted and were ready for transplanting native plants of the region.

Students also cut the weeds and planted in the daycare garden native plants of the region supplied by the Department of Ecology of the municipality of Benito Juarez.

With this activity, the green area of the “Burbuja” was improved and taught students to reuse items that we normally consider “waste” once their usefulness ends.

Work Day at the Burbuja DaycareStudents colaborating with Olympus Tours Foundation

Work day at the Burbuja Daycare (2)December 2013, at the Burbuja Municipal Daycare

Olympus Tours Foundation recognized by CEMEFI

reconocimento fortalece

On October 17th during the 4th Congress of Fortalece that was held in Cancun, the Olympus Tours Foundation was recognized by CEMEFI which stands for the Mexican Center for Philanthropy as it will soon receive the accreditation for its outstanding level of indicators and transparency for Social Organizations. CEMEFI is a non-profit association with over 20 years of experience that aims to promote a culture of philanthropy and social responsibility in Mexico and strengthen the organized participation of society.

 This accreditation is the result of self-diagnosis and an evidence log that is reviewed and evaluated by CEMEFI with the purpose of impulsing the professionalism of the nonprofit sector of Mexico, provide certainty to donors and promote the transparency and accountability of organizations. On November this year, CEMEFI will grant this accreditation to the Olympus Tours Foundation and other 4 organization of Quintana Roo during their annual event where attend different foundations and organizations from the Civil Society throughout the country.

Donation from Flight Centre Limited


 As part of the annual event held in the month of July in Cancun and Riviera Maya, involving almost 4000 travel agents worldwide, the global travel company based in Australia, Flight Centre LTD approved a major donation for programs to support underprivileged children and young people  in Cancun through the Olympus Tours Foundation.

 The donation check was handed over on September 16th by Dean Smith, president of Flight Centre USA during the annual celebration of Pride Partners Marketing Show Case in New York City. The President of the Olympus Tours Foundation Mr. Lakis Charalambous and Ms Leticia Franco, a member of the Board of the Foundation, received the donation and thanked the corporation for their generosity.

Cancun´s “International Coastal Cleanup Day”, September 8 2013

 IAS & Olympus Tours Foundation

Attending the call of the international organization “Ocean Conservancy”, on Sunday September 8 Olympus Tours Foundation participated in the 28th edition of the campaign “International Coastal Cleanup Day” with many collaborators and a group of students from the “International American School of Cancun”, their participation with us cleaning up the beach was made as ​​part of their community service program.

This time, the Olympus Tours Foundation brigade covered “Playa Tortugas” coast collecting plastic and glass bottles, cigarette butts, Styrofoam etc. Once the bags were filled out, the waste was separated and weighed for statistical purposes and for recycling programs.

For the Olympus Tours Foundation is always rewarding to participate in these kind of events in which we can see participating more and more of children, youth and families together.

Arely & Pastorplaya tortugasMS Rachels studentskilos de basuraSeparación de basura


Painting murals

IAS Students

On Saturday May 18, students of the American International School of Cancun, as a part of their community service, collaborated with the Olympus Tours Foundation on the creation of a beautiful mural at “La Burbuja”, a municipal daycare managed by the Department for Family Integration (DIF) located in the region 233 of Cancun.

More than 20 students from middle and high school, along with their parents and staff of the Foundation, met at 9:00 in the morning armed with brushes and buckets of paint and developed a marine mural in which mermaids, turtles, and a variety of colorful fish will be a daily companion for the children who come daily to the facilities while their parents are at work.

 This is one more of the activities that the Olympus Tours Foundation carried out as part of its commitment as an official sponsor of this organization since November 2011.

Diego, IAS studentKayulani

Olympus Tours FoundationHugo Guerero designs

Books for the Golden Years Club

April 30,2013 at Años Dorados

On April 30, 2013, Olympus Tours Foundation delivered a new stock of books for the reading workshop held by Mrs. Maria Sanchez, at the civil association “Los Años Dorados” (The Golden Years Club).

The Club provides the elderly adults in Cancun an endless list of different artistic cultural and recreational activities such as theater, yoga, singing or dancing lessons, among others.

Mrs. Maria Sanchez received on behalf of the members of The Golden Years AC the books that will enhance their library and allow them to enjoy quality time through reading.

Once again Olympus Tours Foundation and Travelocity together

Travelocity Global Partner Services Cancun with Olympus Tours Foundation & Alejandra Lara

On Friday April 26, 2013 Olympus Tours Foundation and Travelocity, one of the majors on line travel agency, joined efforts up to deliver food supplies for people with HIV  AIDS.

Alejandra Lara Director of the civil association Learning to Live with HIV AIDS, received on behalf of the children and adults affected by this disease a total of 510 bottles of the nutritional supplement ensure, which will help to strengthen their immunological system.

The collecting was possible thanks to the motivated staff of Travelocity Global Partner Services Cancun,  collaborators from the Valentin Imperial Hotel, Solaris, Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun, Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun, Dreams Puerto Aventuras, Dreams Riviera Cancun, Excellence Playa Mujeres  and Barceló Maya Beach Resort, who all together got organized for gathering funds to buy the supplements.

 Olympus Tours Foundation wants to thank all the above mentioned, who just like us, believe that team work and solidarity are key ingredients to build a better society.

supplies for people with HIV /AIDS

Special Award for Huellas De Pan

Mayor Julian Ricalde, awarded Maria Elena Ortegon Ojeda

On Saturday, April 20, during the 7th session of the Council of Benito Juarez, the City´s Mayor Julian Ricalde, awarded Maria Elena Ortegon Ojeda with the medal for citizen achievement “Sigfrido Paz Paredes”

This medal was given for the first time in history in Cancun in the frame of the 43rd anniversary of the city´s foundation with the purpose of encouraging people to stand for their effort and dedication, making this destination a better place to live in.

Mayor of Cancun, Julián Ricalde

The Mayor thanked and praised the work of the honoree Maria Elena Ojeda Ortegon president and founder of the civil partnership of Huellas De Pan who in 2009, with the help and unconditional support of her husband and children launched a fully benefiting care project towards the thousands of children, seniors and low income families in the municipality of Benito Juarez.

The General Citizen Council, the Urban Observatory Network and Olympus Tours Foundation were the institutions that supported Maria Elena to receive the medal “Sigfrido Paz Paredes”, which symbolizes the recognition from citizens to the people committed to the city and to the improvement of the quality of life of its inhabitants.  

 Olympus Tours Foundation congratulates Maria Elena, the association Huellas De Pan and the work they do every day, and for being an example of perseverance and love for those who are in need.

IMG_4335Maria Elena Ortejon

Olympus Tours Foundation once again, for the Hour of the Earth

Poster 2013

As every year, Olympus Tours Foundation actively participated in the “Hour of the Earth”, the international event driven by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), which aims to raise public awareness about the need for action on climate change and contaminant emissions, as well as energy saving and reducing light pollution.

To issue this year, Olympus Tours Foundation sponsored and promoted the participation of the students from the International American School (IAS), such as friends and volunteers from the Foundation, to the various activities that the WWF office in Cancun and the General Direction of Ecology in the Municipality of Benito Juarez organized in the framework of this international event.
On Saturday, March 16th, along with volunteer students from the IAS, Olympus Tours Foundation participated in cleaning the beaches of Punta Brava in Puerto Morelos, an important nesting site for sea turtles.

On Saturday March 23rd at the time the Olympus Tours´ nonessential lights went out, the students and other friends of the Foundation attended the lights off event in the Plaza de la Reforma, and like every year, with this symbolic act, people, institutions and companies are showing their commitment to take concrete action over climate change.

Finally, on Sunday 24th, all of us replaced our motorized vehicles, for bicycles in order to “ecologically drive” the streets of the downtown area of Cancun.

March 16, 2013 IAS students with Olympus Tours FoundationMarcela y Felipe

Erandi Earth Hour. Plaza de la ReformaOlympus Tours Foundation members

Olympus Tours Foundation collaborates with UMOM New Day


As a gesture of solidarity; Olympus Tours Foundation donated to UMOM New Day Center a Gift Certificate which includes transfer hotel airport hotel, a Sunset Adventure tour, and an ATV tour; all for two people, these activities complete a one week stay in Pueblo Bonito Rose in Cabo, Mexico.

In the upcoming days, UMOM New Day Center  which works with the most vulnerable families in Arizona will auction the gift certificate donated by Olympus Tours Foundation, together with many other prizes, with the main purpose of raising funds to help them operating their programs. Best of luck to everyone!

Supporting “La Escuelita”

IHenning family supporting "La Escuelita"

On Wednesday March 20th the Henning family, from Kansas, Texas, along with Olympus Tours Foundation delivered food supplies for the over 90 students of “La Escuelita”, the school where regularization classes are held every day, located in Bonfil, one of the most contrasting areas in Cancun.

The Hennings´ donation will aid children and youngsters of the school to not only receive a proper education, but to have a full and nutritious breakfast on a daily basis as well.

We want to thank the Hennings for their generosity and also, Travel Concept for spreading with friends and clients, the will of helping people who need it the most.

March 20, 2013 at the EscuelitaMarch 20, 2013 Henning family at the Escuelita

Challenge the world, save the planet


If I can, you can.

As every year, Olympus Tours Foundation adds on to the Hour of the Earth, initiated and promoted by the WWF (The World Wide Fund for Nature) since 2007.

This event, taking place all over the globe, has the purpose of extending an invitation to people, governments, academic institutions, private and public enterprises and civil associations to join up in the commitment to take concrete actions towards climate change and global warming.

In the city of Cancun, for this year´s edition, The Benito Juarez City Hall, through the General Direction of the Department of Ecology, the WWF Mexico, and ARSA Caribe, have called and gathered associations, institutes, and companies to participate in the traditional “lights off”, with the permanent intention of sensitizing the public regarding the serious problem that the effect of climate change involves

As alternate activities to this main event, a beach cleaning day at Punta Brava is being organized, this is in the area of Puerto Morelos, an important eggs hatching spot for sea turtles. As well, The Knowledge Fair Expo, consisting in a series of educational stands, all directed towards the promotion of environmental care will be held at the Plaza De La Reforma in Cancun; and a Bicycle Day, which main objective is to encourage people to use this type of transportation more often.

Everything with the single intention of showing Mother Earth that some of us still care

APAFHDEM ´s 20th anniversary

Apafhdem´s 20th anniversary

On the past February 22nd 2013, Olympus Tours Foundation witnessed a big and important celebration: The 20th anniversary of APAFHDEM, a civil association that gives the intellectually disabled people in Cancun the opportunity to perform activities that help them being a productive part of the community.

To celebrate their two decades of hard work, the APAFHDEM staff, entertained the youngsters, their families and guests with a big cake, snacks and a show of the Xochiquetzal Folkloric Ballet.

One of the most exciting parts of the event was, indeed, the recognitions and thanks given by the kids of APAFHDEM to the people and institutions that have supported the organization throughout the years.

On behalf of the Olympus Tours Foundation, congratulations to the staff, the kids, friends and every single one of the institutions that collaborate with APAFHDEM and work every day to make our society, a better and more inclusive one. And thank you for letting us contribute with our share.

Erick received  Olympus Tours Foundation recognition

The “Huellas De Pan” initiative

Because food and education are universal human rights, Olympus Tours Foundation 2013 endorses this commitment to the association Huellas de Pan and its “Food for Education” project, to contribute to performance and dropout prevention for children.

The “Huellas De Pan” initiative:

“Huellas De Pan” is a civil association that provides attention to society´s most vulnerable groups in the city of Cancun, regarding the feeding insecurity.

Where is it located?

In the 96th region of the city, one of the neighbourhoods with the highest levels of juvenile violence.

What is its main objective?

To provide nutritious food for these vulnerable groups, in order to improve their quality of life.

How is it achieved?

  • By providing children and elders with food donated by Hotels and companies.
  • By assigning food allowance to all the boys and girls in the program, with the purpose of improving their nutrition level and contributing in this manner to reduce the number of school dropouts.
  • By bringing food supplies on weekends, to the most economically affected areas of the city.

How many people have been beneficiated so far?

On 2011, 33, 956 food supplies were given, being the 60% for children, and the 40% for the elderly adults. On 2012, 40,500 food supplies were given, and 56 minors received food allowance.

Where does the support come from?

From companies, hotels, and people who donate either money or food, and from the profit earned on garage sales, and 2nd hand cloth sales organized by the association.

We seek to encourage more and more people to join this cause. With your help many children and elders will continue to receive the assistance they need, in order to see a brighter future.

If like us, you think that building a more just and united world is everyone’s job, we invite you to join us in the “Fundraising Campaign 2013″ and help build a better future for these children.

Olympus Tours foundation´s volunteers running in the “B-Transparent” Race

Sponsored by the Olympus Tours Foundation, whose one of its many purposes is to encourage the practice of sports in order to enjoy a high leveled quality of life, some members of its official group of volunteers participated on the “B.Transparent” race.

The competition took place on February 17 2013, in Puerto Cancun, and children, teenagers, women and entire families were part of it.

This race, on its 1st edition, was organized by the main committee of the “Citizen Participation for Transparency” association.

This association started in Cancun and it works towards the objective of promoting and practicing the transparency and clear accountability in all the government departments in order to build a corruption free society.

The Foundation´s racing team proudly represented us, participating in the 5 kilometer category for adults. Great job, guys


Travelocity joins the campaign for children with HIV/AIDS

On Friday February 8th Travelocity, one of the biggest travel agencies in the U.S., along with the Olympus Tours Foundation, delivered the donation of food supplies that will help strengthen the immune system of people with HIV  AIDS, to the Association “Learning to Live with HIV  AIDS”.

On behalf of the beneficiaries, Alejandra Lara, Director of “Learning to Live with HIV AIDS” received a total of 296 bottles of feeding supplement that the Travelocity´s staff gathered during the campaign held in December 2012.

These bottles donated, will help considerably in the enhancement of the health of those women and children who need it.

With this action, the travel agency reaffirms its support to the Foundation, and its commitment with the most unprotected families in Cancun.

Thank you Travelocity

For more information check out our Facebook page and give us your “like” if you support these causes. Spread the word and join us!

Another hand for the kids

On the past January 31st 2013, the Adairs  a family from Kansas  answered the calling from the Travel Concepts Agency, for the support of the civil associations that the Olympus Tours Foundation cooperates with.

During their stay in Puerto Morelos Mexico, the Adairs took some time to visit and deliver a donation in cash and kind to “La Escuelita”, located in Bonfil, Cancun, and directed by Sonia Cerda, who turned her home into a school that provides regularization classes, and full breakfast every day, for students who haven´t had the opportunity to enter a formal school due to financial problems, or the lack of the necessary documents.

As a gesture of appreciation, the boys and girls from “La Escuelita” celebrated Jeffrey Adair´s birthday, who was truly surprised with a cake and the traditional “mañanitas”. It was certainly, an unusual celebration and the Adairs enjoyed it very much.

The Adair family´s donation is one link more added to the big chain of people and companies that  as Travel Concepts support civil organizations towards the improvement of the life conditions of children and families in Cancun, who need it.

So, one more time, and on behalf of all the boys and girls from “La Escuelita”: Thank you Adair family

Travel Concepts joins the Olympus Tours Foundation´s social assistance projects.

Fully committed with  the support for  the civil association “Learning to Live with HIV AIDS”, on the past January 25th  2013, along with members of the Olympus Tours Foundation, Denise Canon, President of the travel agency Travel Concepts based in Kansas City, visited some of the associations that the Foundation works with, developing different projects.

Denise Canon handed a donation in cash and kind to “Learning to Live with HIV AIDS”, whose mission is, on one side, to improve as best as possible the quality of life of the people who are carriers of this disease, especially who have no economical means; and on the other side, to contribute by educating the public to prevent the spread of it.

She had the opportunity to familiarize with the other projects and associations such as “Huellas de Pan” and “la Escuelita”, both actively supported by the Foundation.

Olympus Tours Foundation feels proud to have this new ally in its commitment for building a much more just and united world.
Thank you Travel Concepts



keep supporting “Learning to Live with HIV / AIDS”

During 2013 Olympus Tours Foundation is committed to keep supporting the association “Aprendiendo a Vivir con VIH SIDA” (Learning to Live with HIV   AIDS), an organization that works to improve the quality of life of children and people living with this disease in Cancun.

Where is it located?

The association is located in S.M. 59 of Cancun´s downtown area.

What is its main objective?

To contribute with the improvement in the quality of life of the people who carry this terrible disease and their families, such as to provide the proper education for children and teenagers in Cancun, in order to prevent the spread of it.

How is the objective achieved?

* By organizing groups of self help or support for children and women.

* Providing professional psychological assistance.

* Providing nutritional information and alternative medicine.

* Promoting handcrafts making, and other productive activities.

* Supporting those families of lower resources with medicine or funerary services.

* Organizing informative events in schools of every level, from elementary to college.

* Providing quick HIV test results.

What is the importance of this Project?

The answer is more than obvious: This non profit organization works every day, assisting people with low resources (or none at all) whose life has dramatically changed due to this disease, and at the same time strives to sensitize the public regarding contagion.

How many people have been beneficiated?

Nowadays, after 14 years of efforts, “Learning to Live with HIV AIDS” has attended over 120 families, and with the help and collaboration of more volunteers, more donations, and more participation of different companies, the project continues to grow every day.

If like us, you think that building a more just and united world is everyone’s job, we invite you to join us in the “Fundraising Campaign 2013″.


Foundation´s Wise Kings at “La Escuelita” and “Huellas De Pan”

As part of the “Recreation and Coexistence” program, on January 11, the Olympus Tours Foundation´s Wise Kings stopped at “La Escuelita” and “Huellas De Pan” to drop a special delivery  toys and shoes for the children of these two associations.

Early morning, Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar, delivered shoes for more than 90 boys and girls who go every day to take regularization classes and full breakfast as well, to “La Escuelita”, located in Bonfil, another of the most contrasting and vulnerable areas in Cancun.

Right before sunset, our Wise Kings went to the main park of the Region 96, where children from the “Huellas De Pan” dining hall, were anxiously expecting them. They received their presents and each one of the kids had the opportunity to get a picture with their favourite Wise King.

These two events, would not have been possible if it weren´t for the selfless participation of the Olympus Tours collaborators who generously donated the presents, and our Three Wise Kings of course. Thank you all

Food supplies delivery to “Huellas De Pan”

On January 8 2013, Olympus Tours Foundation delivered all the food supplies that friends and collaborators donated during the gathering campaign of December 2012.

In representation of all donors 102.34 litres of tomato sauce, and 23 kilograms of pasta were given to Maria Elena Ortegón Ojeda, and Jorge Antonio Jiménez Hernández, president and director of “Huellas De Pan”, respectively, by the Olympus Tours collaborators.

The donation will contribute with the main objective of this association which is to provide with free food to children and elderly adults who go to the community dining room, located on the Region 96 of Cancun, one of the most economically affected and vulnerable neighbourhoods in the city.

The donation was achieved thanks to the contributions of the Olympus Tours staff, the Child Care Coordination of the Department for the Family Integration (DIF), La Copa Bazaar, and the Jean Piaget Institute. Thanks to all of them


The Three Wise Kings go to Cabo

On behalf of the Olympus Tours Foundation, on January 8, collaborators of the Olympus Tours branch in Cabo became the Three Wise Kings for a day, to give presents and enjoy together with the children of “Una Luz Por Mi Vida” shelter home (A Light for My Life) the traditional “Dia de Reyes” holiday.

 The Home, managed by the Government´s Department for the Family Integration, is located in one of the most vulnerable areas in the city of San Jose Del Cabo and it provides shelter to children from 4 months to 16 years of age, who have been victims of domestic violence.

 As part of the Olympus Tours Foundation´s project Recreation and Coexistence”, Olympus Tours Collaborators organized and sponsored the whole celebration which included the famous “Rosca De Reyes” and the best of all  presents for the kids

 The visit of the Three Wise Kings turned into an awesome and incredible moment of joy for all the kids; and for the staff members, an unforgettable experience.

Posada for “Learning to Live with HIV / AIDS”

On Saturday December 15 Olympus Tours Foundation organized a traditional Christmas Posada for children and families of the civil association “Learning to Live with HIV   AIDS”, whose mission is to improve the quality of life of the people affected with this disease, especially those who live in the most vulnerabe areas lof Cancun.

The Theatre Company “El Uniciclo” (“The Unicycle”) of the UT Cancun, was in charge of entertaining children and adults with different activities and handcrafts such as the magical chalkboard, making of animal figurines with beads, pipe cleaners and balloons,  and many other games for the whole family. Hiran Sanchez, director of the company, recited stories that printed smiles and detonated loud laughs from children.
The celebration, held as part of the “Recreation and Coexistence” project, allowed the attendees to enjoy a really good time while escaping a bit out of the daily routine. The children broke down the traditional piñata with seven spikes, and had tamales and cakes for a fun dinner.Olympus Tours Foundation had the priceless help and participation of the Olympus Tours’ collaborators, and several volunteers, like Laura Benavides, a truly unconditional friend and supporter to the Foundation.

Posada at La Escuelita

On last Friday December 14, 2012, Olympus Tours Foundation participated in the “Posada” at La Escuelita hosted by Sonia, head of this laudable project which seeks to improve throughout proper education, the quality of life of the children of the Bonfil area, in Cancun.

Citizens and civil organizations were invited to contribute with this Christmas party, which marked the end of classes for the year 2012 at this school that provides education and assistance to children from vulnerable neighbourhoods.

Olympus Tours Foundation was responsible for bringing the traditional 7 spikes piñatas, filled with candy and goodies, making  as expected  the children´s day.

Children, teachers and volunteers played, danced and ate in a collaborative environment of solidarity and joy.

Olympus Tours Foundation and Santa Claus at “La Burbuja”

The “Posadas” are officially here  And Olympus Tours Foundation  with the purpose of keeping these traditional celebrations alive  started them on December 10 2012, at the DIF´s “La Burbuja” day care, which The Foundation is proudly supporting.

The hostess, Atenea Gómez Ricalde, president of the Government´s department for the Families Development (DIF) of our community, together with mr. Lakis Charalambous, President of  The Foundation, both accompanied by close collaborators, were entertained with dances and Christmas carols that the children prepared for them.

The Foundation´s Santa Claus gave away presents to the kids, a traditional “piñata” was broken and of course, candy was the main word of the day

During the celebration, DIF´s President awarded the Foundation for its constant support and commitment on the improving of “La Burbuja”´s facilities. At the same time, children and teachers showed their gratefulness by giving The Foundation´s President a beautiful painting made by them.

The “Posada” took place right beneath the shed of the new main yard, which was built by The DIF with materials donated by the Foundation.

“La Burbuja” is located as we have mentioned before in one of the most vulnerable areas of Cancun, and provides daily attention to children from 18 months to 4 years of age.

Olympus Tours Foundation awarded for participating in the program for The Protection of the Blue Crab

On December 7, 2012, Gabriela Romero Reséndiz, head of the General Direction at the Ecology Department in the Municipality of Benito Juarez gave the respective awards to the institutions and students that were part of the volunteer brigades in the Program for the Protection of the Blue Crab, during the season of 2012.
Olympus Tours Foundation received the award from Director Romero Reséndiz during the event which took place at the recently opened ecological reserve “Ombligo Verde” (Green Navel) located in downtown Cancun.

Since it started 21 years ago, The Blue Crab Protection program´s main objective is to aid pregnant blue crab females to cross from the mangrove to the beach, where the hatching occurs under the full moon.

This year, 2,930 females were counted, 2,460 volunteers were trained, and over 60 different brigades participated. These last, integrated by children and teenagers, families, companies, and civil associations like Olympus Tours Foundation, whose brigade was formed by Olympus Tours collaborators and friends to the Foundation.

“Environmental Education Starter Program”

On the first week of December 2012, the kinder garden and preschool children of the Jean Piaget school of Cancun, together with their teachers, took the tour at the “Endangered species of Quintana Roo” exhibition, in order to learn and get familiarized about those animals that are at risk of disappearing from the face of the Earth, whether by natural causes or by the environmental impact generated by the human race.

Right after the guided tour, the kids enjoyed some recreational activities such as puzzles, memory card games, and others, which besides from stimulating their visual and cognitive abilities, also allowed them to reinforce what they saw during the tour.

 The “Environmental Education Starter Program”, aims to promote the respect for the natural heritage of our state among children and teenagers of Cancun, with these frequent guided visits.

 The “Endangered species of Quintana Roo” exhibition is being held at the Olympus Gallery, since the past May 2012 as part of the Biodiversity Safekeeping project of the Olympus Tours Foundation and it extended its calendar, due to the vivid interest of the schools in Cancun to continue organizing these activities.

Youngsters’ art day, at “The Copa Bazaar”

On Sunday December 2nd, an artistic day was organized by Olympus Tours Foundation together with the high school students of the International American School of Cancun, in order to paint some of the trunks of the trees located in the green space of the area where Bazar La Copa (The Cup Bazaar) takes place, on Tulum Avenue.

The students  who have been assisting the bazaar as part of their community service at school  started by painting the trees in white, to continue decorating them with different shapes like hearts, iguanas, or owls among others.

The purpose of this activity was for the students to have the opportunity to express themselves with total freedom in a public space.

The Cup Bazaar project seeks to bring together various participants from the community  the Culture Institute and the Ecology Department of the Municipality of Benito Juarez, civil organizations and citizens, sponsored by several local companies and it is held every first and third weekend of the month. Its main objective as we have mentioned before is the recovery and beautification of public spaces into disuse and, at the same time, the diversification of cultural and artistic expressions, for the benefit of all the families of Cancun.




Beach Grooming at El Mirador in Los Cabos

Fully committed to the objectives of Olympus Tours Foundation and its project to help safe keeping our biodiversity, on December 1st 2012, Olympus tours collaborators together with peers of the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies AMAV  organized a “beach grooming and cleaning” day.

The specific objective of the day was to clean the famous El Mirador, located on the KM30 of the Trans peninsular road that connects Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

 El Mirador is the only location in San Jose del Cabo where you can truly appreciate the wonders of the Sea of Cortes such as the whales in their path, and other landmarks of the city. It is, as well the best area in town for surfing  in fact, it is where some of the most important international competitions take place.

The Golden Years Club goes on tour

As part of the social assistance project “Recreation and Coexistence”, Olympus Tours Foundation gave away courtesy tickets to the elderly adults of the civil association “The Golden Years Club” for the tours of Chichen Itza ruins, and the pirate dinner and night show at the Captain Hook Galleon.

The tickets will be raffled among the members and guests in the traditional Christmas party that the Club organizes every year.

During the visit to the association, on november 30, the members of the Olympus Tours Foundation had the pleasant opportunity to chat and interact with the men and women who proudly showed their art pieces made at the Club´s hand crafts workshop.

Olympus Tours foundation has collaborated for a few years already, with this association in Cancun, integrated  as we have mentioned before by senior citizens who still have the will and ability to make a contribution and be part of the community.


“Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.” (Sally Koch)

A miniature car, a ball, a doll, a puzzle … Can you remember what was your favorite toy when you were a child?

Olympus Tours Foundation is now inviting you to participate in the “Christmas Toy Drive Campaign” for the children of “Learning To Live With HIV  AIDS”  Association  and La Escuelita.

Help these children to have just like you once did a favorite toy and a bunch of good memories.

We will be receiving toys at the Olympus Gallery.

Thank you and may you, and everyone else, have a Merry Christmas

Getting ready for the “Posadas”

Food, candy, “ponche”, candles… Olympus Tours Foundation has almost everything set and ready for the traditional “Posadas” at La Burbuja, La Escuelita and the Aprendiendo a Vivir con VHI (Learning to Live with HIVAIDS”) Association .

The Mexican “Posadas” is a series of very popular celebrations held during the 9 days before Christmas Eve, from December 16 to December 24.

The origin of it dates back to the XVI century, when the Augustinian friars who arrived in the New Spain asked the Pope Sixtus V permission to officiate nine Masses in the days before Christmas, as the natives celebrated around the same time a major party in honor of the birth of Huitzilopochtli, the god of war.

After each Mass, the Church organized a party with carols, flares, rockets and piñatas.

Two centuries after, this celebration had grown stronger in neighbourhoods and homes. Mixing the sacred and profane, but the deeper meaning of this popular festival, continued to prevail as the reminder of the journey that Mary and Joseph took from Nazareth to Bethlehem in search of a place to stay and await the birth of Jesus.

Nowadays this tradition lives on throughout all of Mexico and has spread to several countries in Latin America and even the U.S.


Recognition for the results on the Beach Cleaning Campaign

On  November 13, 2012 the effort of more than 7,000 volunteers was recognized in public, due to their successful gathering of a total of 11.07 tons of solid waste like plastic bags, plastic bottles, cigarette butts and Styrofoam, during the 27th edition of the beach cleaning campaign that took place on September 30, 2012 in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera.

The ceremony was held at the Cancun´s Hotels Association where local and state authorities, together with civil associations and private companies reviewed the report of the last cleaning campaign, given by Javier Sanchez, representative of Ocean Conservancy organization. The results presented, showed that cigarette butts were the most common contaminants found.

Olympus Tours Foundation was awarded with a special recognition for having been one of the most committed sponsors, and for organizing a volunteer brigade with staff members and friends to the Foundation.

Sharing the “Day of the Dead” traditions with “La Escuelita”.

 On November 1st 2012, as part of the traditional festivities of the “Day of  The Dead”, the Olympus Tours Foundation´s staff brought for the boys and girls of “La Escuelita” to share and enjoy, the very famous “pan de muerto” accompanied of course, with delicious hot chocolate.

 Together with this, and in order to continue encouraging the habit of reading, the “Barcos De Papel” reading room, and the Foundation have been performing story telling sessions, held by the reading room mediator Alejandra Flores, who on this particular occasion, narrated some typical slightly scary stories that the children truly enjoyed.

 Also, Alejandra explained to the children, the meaning of the different elements that form the altars, e.g. the flowers, which by their scent, help the souls on their path to find the way home.

 “La Escuelita”, as we have mentioned before, is located in the Bonfil area southbound of Cancun city, and is now attending over 80 children from families with limited resources, providing regularization classes and full breakfasts on daily basis.

Celebration of the “Day of The Dead” with the children of “La Burbuja”

Olympus Tours Foundation joined the celebration known as “Day of  The Dead” on October 31st, with the children and teachers of “La Burbuja” daycare. The kids danced, sang and broke the famous piñata of the “Catrina” (Lady Death), which, of course, was full of candy.

The traditional holiday celebrated in Mexico, known as “Day of The Dead”, begins on October 31st and ends on November 2nd, the day of All Saints and All Souls. During these holiday, families build altars to honor and remember those family members and friends who have passed away. It is customary to share the delicious Pan De Muerto, together with hot chocolate, sugar made skulls, and other typical dishes native to the region like “mucbi pollo”, a traditional tamale type wrap, from the Yucatan peninsula, made only for these special festivities.

The surprise of the day for the Burbuja´s children was given by the Travelocity´s local staff  loyal collaborators of Olympus Tours Foundation, who, on this occasion provided a nice amount of brand new mats, that will be used for the children´s nap time. Thanks again Travelocity

The Blue Crab road crossing brigade, Fall 2012

As part of the environmental project for the safe keeping of the biodiversity in Mexico, friends of  Olympus Tours Foundation, together with volunteers  organized a brigade to attend the call of the Direccion de Ecologia  of the municipality (Ecology Department)  to participate in the  Protecting the Blue Crab Day.

Every year, between the months of September and October, on the full moon nights, blue crabs begin a dangerous journey from the mangroves to the sea, to lay their eggs. Once in the ocean, and with the moon as the only witness, every female, lays around 700,000 eggs, of which only the 10% will hatch successfully.

According to the data provided by the Ecology Department , the volunteer brigades gathered at the Del Niño Beach, Las Perlas Beach, and Punta Nizuc  in Cancun helped over 2,000 blue crab mothers on their difficult path.

On Sunday, octotber 28 2012,”Armed” with buckets and gloves, Olympus Tours Foundation´s members and friends, participated with enthusiasm, helping many of these little crustaceans, which is also an endangered species.


Awards for the winners of the contest “Capture the Dolphin´s True Identity”

In a strong support for the protection of the environment, and encouraging the freedom of speech in the students, Olympus Tours Foundation is sponsoring the awards for the winners of the contest “Capture the Dolphin´s True Identity” of the Universidad Tecnologica of Cancun which was held on Thursday, October 25 2012, during the university´s xv anniversary.

the main objective of the contest, was to sensitize the college community regarding the importance of protecting the ocean, home in particular of the bottlenose dolphin, one of the most  protected species in the world.

The winners of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, will have the opportunity to show their sketches on the glass fiber dolphins located at the university´s campus, with the advice and assessment of the famous plastic artist Aura Maldonado. Good luck

A day at the theater with the kids of “La Escuelita”

On October 24 2012, as a part of the Recreation and Coexistence Program, Olympus tours Foundation had the opportunity to take the children of “La Escuelita” to the theater, so they could enjoy the play “Cuentos Mestizos”, directed by Ismael Cituk.

The members of the Foundation were witnesses of the excitement of the children, not only for the play itself, but also for the fact of going out on this field trip, enjoying the hotel zone of Cancun, and of course the beautiful turquoise blue of the ocean views.

The children of “La Escuelita”, come from families with very low resources, and many of them hadn´t ever been to the hotel zone of Cancun nor a theater, and besides this, they had the chance as well to take a break from the day by day routine and spend a great time together with their peers, teachers, and other children of the same age.

Olympus Tours Foundation present at the Copa Project

On October 20 and 21 2012, La Copa Bazaar was inaugurated. It is an artistic and cultural new spot in Cancun, located on the perimeter of La Copa De Agua, a public construction no longer in use.

The project is searching to recover abandoned public spaces or constructions, creating an ecological consciousness about the importance of the environment, together with the promotion of a cultural awareness and sensitization. At the same time it aims to diversify the offer of cultural aspects in the community with a series of artistic and ecological oriented workshops, such as different shows for the families attending.

The sale of several items made by local artisans, as well as handcraft workshops and the creation of a playroom featured among other many activities held at La Copa Bazaar. Children and relatives had the opportunity to play chess, or read and listen tales and fables.

Olympus Tours Foundation participated by providing second hand uniforms to be reutilized in the elaboration of rugs and cushions for the playroom.

La Copa Bazaar will be open the first and third weekends of every month… don´t miss it


The Grand Pink Ribbon on the International Day for the fight against breast cancer.

On October 19 of 2012, friends and members of the Olympus Tours Foundation were part of the great pink synergy organized by the WHO (World Health Organization) together with the “Desafio” Group of Cancun.

Other local organizations and many citizens gathered at the Andres Quintana Roo stadium home of the Atlante Football Club-to participate in the Walk For Life, and make the Grand Pink Human Ribbon, symbol of the fight against breast cancer.

Women, men and children, united our voices to state that breast cancer is curable, and how important the self exploration and an early diagnosis are to prevent and fight this terrible disease, which represents the 16 % of all female cancer.

According to the statistics revealed by the WHO, on 2004 only, 519,000 women died of breast cancer, and even though it is considered as a “1st world disease”, the 69 % of deaths were registered in countries of early development. In Mexico, it is considered the first cause of death among adult women since 2006.





Scholarships for students of the Universidad del Caribe

On October 19 2012, Olympus Tours Foundation´s president Mr. Lakis Charalambous, had the opportunity to give in person the 10 scholarships offered by the foundation for the school period of August  December 2012 at the Universidad Del Caribe in Cancun Mexico.

These scholarships are given to outstanding students with limited resources in order to support them to continue with their education.

The ceremony was held in presence of teachers and students, presided by the university´s Principal, Professor Arturo Escaip Manzur  and the Academic Secretary Hilario López Garachana, together with the scholarship sponsors José Luis M. García Salvidea; ex senator, Jorge Enríquez;  representative of the Wine & Food Festival, Halina Zimna Potrioswka, representative of PACSA Cancun and Lakis Charalambous; president of the Olympus Tours Foundation , who expressed his gratitude and confirmed his personal commitment with the students and  with the community´s progress and wellbeing. 


“Barcos de Papel” and Olympus Tours Foundation, together for the promotion of reading

Absolutely convinced that reading stimulates creativity, imagination and intelligence of children, as well as the development of a good reading and writing comprehension, on October 18 2012 the civil organization “Barcos De Papel” together with the Olympus Tours Foundation initiated a series of activities to promote and encourage the habit of reading in the children of “La Escuelita”, the place where classes are conducted on the regularization of young students from the  Bonfil area, one of the most economically affected areas in Cancun.

In this occasion, the 6 to 8 year olds, after browsing and observing all the different books brought by the mediator of the “Barcos De Papel” reading room Alejandra Flores, enjoyed the tale of  “El zopilote y la chirimía”(the buzzard and the flageolet) with texts by Gabriela Olmos, A beautiful story that tells about a girl who follows her grandfather after his death, to give him his musical instrument.


Olympus Tours Foundation, and the “Los Años Dorados club”, at the concert “Mi Mexico De Ayer” in benefit of APAFHDEM.

 On  October 6 2012, As part of our”Recreation and  Coexistence”  program, we had the pleasure to enjoy, and share the evening with the members of “Los Años Dorados Club” a third age association, at the concert “Mi Mexico De Ayer” which took place in the heart of Cancun´s hotel zone, in benefit of APAFHDEM, the Parents Association of Children with Mental Disabilities.

 All throughout songs like “Jurame”, “Veracruz”, or “Si nos Dejan”  just to mention a few  the elderly adults, had the opportunity to recreate all those remarkable memories and places, and to evoke those special people in their life. At the same time, friends of the Foundation and their relatives had the chance to share many interesting stories with them, and learn from their personal experiences.

Olympus Tours Foundation´s program “Recreación y Convivencia” has among its specific objectives, to enhance and promote the interaction of different social groups in order to strengthen the feelings of identity and belonging in the community, towards a more solid, and united society.


Beach Clean-up Day

In response to the call of the International Ocean Conservancy Organization, Olympus Tours Foundation collaborated on the 27th edition of the Beach Clean-up Day  on September 30 2012, donating some of  the necessary supplies and providing hands to help maintaining  Marlin Beach, as one of all the natural attractions of Cancun´s Hotel Zone.

Friends to the foundation, and many collaborators, together with students of the International American School, spent the day cleaning and grooming this beach.

By the end of the day, Mother Nature expressed  her gratefulness with a beautiful gift  The surprising and spectacular hatching of over a hundred baby turttles!

everyone took part of the counting and guarding of the babies and released them safely into the sea.


“The Art of Asking” workshop

During the months of September and October of 2012, as a supportive action to the professionalization of psychotherapists living and studying in Cancun, Olympus Tours Foundation has provided its facilities for the workshop “The Art of Asking”, given by Irmgard Von Wobeser, professor for the UNAM´s Faculty of Psychology.

With more than 30 years of experience as a teacher in postgraduate programs, continuous training and updating, she is currently teaching Psychology master degree at the Anahuac University in Cancun and gives conferences related to family education topics.

The “Art of Asking” is oriented to those specialists interested in developing and upgrading their skills on clinical Psychology. The central objective of these activities is to establish the special and fundamental place that questions have in psychotherapy, since they reduce the main function of the therapist as an expert into a more supportive roll, inviting patients, at the same time, to think deeper in their problems, in their ability to react upon them, and to find a solution.


Wheelchair Open Sport Dance Competition

From september 20 to september 23 2012, the first Wheelchair Open Sport Dance Competition took place in the city of Cancun.

It was succesfully organized by the Instituto De Cultura Y Artes, with the support of the Instituto Municpial Del Deporte, and sponsored by several private companies and foundations featuring, of course, the Olympus Tours Foundation.

Over 55 competitors from the states of Colima, Campeche, Puebla, Yucatan and Quintana Roo participated in this sport artistic event, most of them, being provided directly by the Olympus Tours Foundation, with the accomodations for the days of the joust.

 Wheelchair sport dance is practiced by those people who are unable to walk but still have the courage to keep going on, it consists on a series of latin and ballroom dances in which one or both dancers, perform while sitting on a wheel chair. There are also group and solo categories, and,  is governed by the International Paralympic Committee with specific rules and regulations.  Wheelchair Dance Sport  is widely practiced by athletes in 22 countries.

Olympus Tours Foundation is extremely proud of being part of these type of events, where it is the skill and not the limitation, what really is taken into account,and also, for promoting and defending opportunities and rights for all the handicapped men and women in Mexico, those who represent the 5.1 % of the total population of the country.

Mexican party for “Huellas de Pan”

On the past September 15th, Olympus Tours Foundation gave a very special present to the “Huellas de Pan” Association.

 With the intention of celebrating our official Independence Day, and continue with the tremendous effort of supporting such important causes, a big Mexican party was held at the main park of Region 96, which is one of the most conflictive areas in Cancun downtown, and is also where the “Huellas de Pan” Association´s headquarters are located.

That day, the association received as well the donations gathered during the fund raising campaign that started on July 23rd 2012 and ended on September 14th 2012, with the enthusiastic colaboration of all the kids of the Olympus Tours Foundation´s Summer Camp, Olympus Tours employees, and many other Foundation´s close friends.

More than 30 children who go every day to the Association´s community dining hall, together with some of the children from the Foundation´s Summer Camp, attended this big celebration.

The staff was integrated by mothers, Olympus Tours employees and many other friends and volunteers, such as the members of the theater company “El Monociclo” from the Universidad Tecnologica of Cancun who sang and danced with the kids, in addition to teach them how to make art pieces, animal shapes and other things with different items and materials.


All the artistic activities are listed in the Olympus Tours Foundation´s Social and Cultural Development Program, which has among its particular objectives to stimulate children´s creativity in order to guide them and lead them into a healthy and violenc  free lifestyle.

After listening to a series of amazing tales and fables told by the story teller Hiran Sanchez, children hit the traditional piñata, and enjoyed various typical Mexican dishes and snacks.

Working with Huellas de Pan

As another part of its social assistance actions, Olympus Tours Foundation strongly supports  “Huellas de Pan” association, whose main objective is to provide with the correct nourishment to all the vulnerable groups in the whole Cancun area.

Olympus Tours Foundation´s monthly donations are of prime importance in order to continue to support and improve the correct development of all these children who are in a desperate need of a hand that helps them reach a good level of education and nutrition.

→ View more information

Direct support to “La Escuelita”

On September 11, 2012 Mr. Lakis Charalambous, personally delivered to “La Escuelita”  , all the donations gathered during the months of July and August by the Olympus Tours Foundation.

LA ESCUELITA is a project originally created by Sonia, an incredibly motivated woman who started it by opening the doors of her own house to help, educate and support all those children who weren´t able to assist school on a regular basis due to the lack of money or missing legal documents.

Her main purpose is to provide every single boy and girl of Bonfil  a highly vulnerable area in Cancun  the opportunity to obtain a proper education and develop as excellent citizens.

In the very beginning, LA ESCUELITA only attended 6 children. Nowadays, with the help of many hands, over 80 children receive this proper education, plus a full proper breakfast in a daily basis.


Donation to resourceless elderly adults

On September 4th, 2012 Olympus Tours Foundation attended the request of the Community Centers Development Department, direct dependent of the Government´s Social and Economic Development Secretary, to deliver a big donation of personal hygiene items, as a part of the Seniors Assistance Program, which has, as its primary objective to provide the proper attention to the resourceless elderly adults in the Benito Juarez District of Cancun.

These Community Centers were created to provide shelter, comfort and specially to organize activities that promote the interaction between the adults aged 60 years and over, from the most vulnerable areas in the city, helping them to feel productive, and integrated with their community.

Guided tours to school groups

In seeking to contribute to the formation of social and environmental responsibility of cancunenses, Olympus Tours Foundation created the program of guided tours for school groups to the exhibition “Endangered Animals of Quintana Roo”, whose purpose is to raise awareness of the children and youth about, interrelationship between human activities and the conservation of biodiversity.

Among the learning outcomes of this program include, identifying the species of endangered animals and their risk factors, and the respect of our states natural heritage.



2012 summer camp

Throughout different handcraft courses like “shaping wooden and dough animals” given by Jazmin, Vicente, and Vicente Jr, volunteers of the Foundation or “recycled paper and masks” given by Veronica and Angel, students from Unicaribe, the children exercised and developed their imagination and creativity.

During the Reading and understanding course given by Alejandra Flores, mediator of the Reading hall room “Barcos de Papel”, and close friend of the Olympus Tours Foundation, the children developed their abilities of attending and listening.

The children exercisedmind and body, with the games organized by an enthusiastic group of scouts who volunteered on this noble cause. They also tested their skills with various board games, puzzles and the traditional “loteria”.

During this summer camp at Olympus Galary in Cancun, the children enjoyed many different activities; they ran, jumped, played, but most important: they learned the importance of interacting with their peers, team work, and sharing.What a better smile than a complicity smile? What a better achievement than a group achievement?

Summer camp 2012 would not have been possible without the collaboration of those who, in the most selfless way, volunteered to bring with them their love and sympathy for our children. Thank you all

Golf tournaments to support CRIT


In July  of 2012 as each year, a golf tournament was  held  at El Camaleon Golf Course in Mayakobá,  to support the CRIT, which provides care to more than 900 children in the state of Quintana Roo that have disabilities due to neuromuscular skeletal disease.

The Olympus Tours Foundation has been a sponsor of this event  and contributed to the rehabilitation process of the childrens in need.

Environmental Day in the Kabah Park


On Saturday May 12, The Olympus Tours Foundation held an “Environmental Day” under the supervision of Kabah Park Director, its staff and the Department of Ecology of the Municipality of Benito Juarez.

The two objectives for the “Environmental Day” were  to take immediate action to improve our environment, to inform and sensitize young people on environmental issues, express the need to reforest, reduce waste generated, recycle and raise awareness for our planet.

Students from the American International School and their parents responded to the call of the Foundation and reforested palms, white washed trees and collected garbage just outside the park.

“Burbuja” Kindergarten, DIF



November 2011 As part of the social assistance program and a continuing collaboration with DIF in the Municipality of Benito Juarez, the Olympus Tours Foundation adopted the “Burbuja” kindergarten which provides support for the infrastructure of the program to benefit the children.

 The DIF kindergarten provides working mothers with a safe place for their children to go while they go to work each day. The kindergarten accepts children from 1 ½ to 4 years old, and is under the direction of educators that help them develop their motor and intellectual skills. The kindergarten offers breakfast and lunch for all the children in the program.

Olympus Tours Foundation wanted to be part of the “Adopting a Smile” program. This program was designed by the Coordinator of Childcare DIF Benito Juarez and Olympus worked in close collaboration to improve the facilities of the “Burbuja” which is located in the region 333, one of the most impoverished areas of Cancun.

 They needed new cupboards and refrigerator, a suitable floor for children, toys,  nets and much more …

And got down to work


 Posada at the “Burbuja”

December 14, 2011   Enjoying Mexican traditions, “La Posada” the Mexican Christmas party was held at the “Burbuja”.

The Foundation contributed to the party with the cakes and gifts for children. The little elves played and enjoyed the delicious food, the piñata and candy

Painting the walls

 May 28, 2012 – Members and volunteers of the Foundation, in conjunction with the Travelocity team in Cancun gave a hand to prepared the walls of the Burbuja” so they could be decorated with the children’s drawings.

Childrens Day at the “Burbuja”

April 30, 2012 “Children’s Day”, the Olympus Tours foundation sponsored a party for their “Godchildren”, at the “Burbuja” kindergarten. There was a “Lion King” piñata, filled with candy, gifts and … a surprise

Guided Tours for School Children

As part of our Foundation’s efforts to promote cultural education to the youth of Cancun, organized school groups visited the exhibition, “Cyprus 11,000 years of Civilization and 50 years of Independence” which took place from December 2010 to May 2012 in the Olympus Gallery.

The tour included a video of the history, as well as featuring the present day Republic of Cyprus. The groups were also given the opportunity to taste traditional snacks from Cyprus.

During their visit the children participated in different activities with the aim to enrich and enhance their education on history and geograph.

Toys on children’s day

 April 28, 2012  Answering the call of Benito Juarez’DIF chapter,
a department from our Foundation donated toys that were
distributed among needy children in our community.

Environmental Days at the Kindergarten Peter of Ghent / Josefina Vicens

February 24-25, 2012 -The Department of Ecology, the Association of Flora, Fauna & Culture, Quintana Roo, the Olympus Tours Foundation and the parents worked together to organize Environmental Day. Informal courses were given to children and their families about the importance of green spaces and gardens they planted fruit trees and ornamental plants. Each child took at least one tree home with them to learn how to care and nurture it.

Kindergarten Juan Escutia is located northeast of Cancun where it is leading a frenetic daily ecocide. The rapid arrival of migrants seeking to improve their living working in the tourism sector, has led to the rapid growth of housing developments.

Developers are building houses on such a massive scale that deforestation and destruction of the entire rainforest ecosystem has suffered tremendously. The conversion of mangroves and tropical forests into concrete slabs has contributed to global warming. This has left the inhabitants of these subdivisions exposed to heat, decreased bodies of water and the effects of hurricanes.

The authorities continue to issue building permits for housing developments. The municipality currently does not meet the requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO) which strongly recommends that there must be 12 square meters of green areas per inhabitant for a good quality of life. Unhealthy urban growth policies, allows the destruction of the ecosystem and then tries to implement reforestation.

Social Integration Program

Olympus Tours Foundation supports many social welfare projects for those most vulnerable in Cancun. In 2011, we sponsored a program which aims to promote self sustenance and facilitate productive social inclusion, to help incarcerated individuals in Cancun.

In November 2011, the employees of Olympus Tours held the first raffle featuring crafts that were hand made by those in jail in the Municipality of Benito Juarez, in  Cancun.

The President of the Foundation drew the winning ticket for the raffle
Another raffle was held on Monday, January 2, 2012 and this time won with number 21

The money collected was given to the people who make the crafts in jail, in an effort to foster a self-sufficient livelihood and facilitate social integration.

Reyes Magos – “The Three Kings”


On January 6th, “The Kings Day” (“Dia del Reyes”), Mexico commemorates the giving of gold, frankincense and myrrh to Jesus by the three wise men. This is one of the most favorite and anticipated days for Mexican children, as on this day it is custom to give them the toys that they have asked for in their letters to the three kings


January 6, 2012. The Olympus Tours Foundation gave gifts to young people with intellectual disabilities and children with HIV. We also hosted a traditional “Rosca de Reyes” with children from the “Burbuja”.


Some of the toys delivered were donated by members and friends of the Foundation and they were given the opportunity to interact directly with the children as they opened their gifts.

In Puerto Vallarta, on the “Dia del Reyes”, members of the Olympus Foundation gave gifts to the “Casa Hogar-Maximo-Cornejo-Quiroz”. This is an organization dedicated to supporting children who are abandoned, from broken or dysfunctional families with limited resources.





Excursions for “The Golden Years”


December 2011- The OlympusTours Foundation contributed excursions to major tourist attractions in Quintana Roo to the Club de “los Años Dorados” de la Tercera Edad A.C., ( “Golden Years of the Third Age Association”) .

This donation was made in support of kermes, which is organized every year in an effort to raise funds to improve their local infrastructure.

Posada decembrina (pre-Christmas traditional mexican party)

December 17, 2011-Olympus Tours Foundation was  one of the “Fairly Odd Parents” for the traditional mexican pre Christmas party “Posada”, organized for the children who assist at the  “Learning to Live with HIV” Asociation.

Reforestation of School Property in Puerto Morelos

As part of our project “Safeguarding Biodiversity” and our reforestation program, in partnership with the Association of Flora, Fauna and Culture of Mexico, we began the reforestation of the J. Francisco I. Madero School.

December 1-2, 2011 we conducted training workshops for parents and students of the school. They were taught how to properly transplant and care for the trees to ensure their ultimate survival. They also learned the benefits of green space and its necessity for the children and our environment.


In between games, challenges and excitement, parents and children uncovered clues that guided them to find their tree and plant it.

Green Schools in our region create awareness within the public sector and understand that we are committed to our environment




Festival of “Más Hip Hop, Más Cultura”

On October 15, 2011 – For the fifth consecutive year, the Festival of “Más Hip Hop, Más Cultura” was held in the Parque de las Palapas located in Cancun downtown. This event is one that many young people look forward to attending all year long. The event is organized by the local youth group “Soy Demente”, promoting healthy fun without alcohol and violence. The Olympus Tours Foundation was one of the sponsors.

It is a forum for youth to express themselves freely while promoting unity, peace and respect.

There were also exhibitions and demonstrations of break dancing.

The artistic expression of some of the most prominent “Graffiti” in Cancun was part of the event.

Brigades for the Blue Crab protection

Brigades from the Olympus Tours Foundation joined forces with Salvaguardad’s “Protection Blue Crab Program”.
On the night of the full moon, Foundation members and their families met at two different points in the Cancun hotel zone (The Pearls and Punta Nizuc, marked by the Ecology Department of the Municipality of Benito Juarez) to help female blue crabs to cross Kukulcan Boulevard so they would not be run over by cars.
They rescued many crabs, however, there has been a major decline in the species and continued building on the beaches alters the ecosystem of the region.
Children participating in conjunction with the Olympus Foundation have learned a lot and been made aware of the need to keep our beaches and environment clean, as well as protecting and caring for our environment.



“Moving Planet”: Calling for the world to go beyond fossil fuels


September 24, 2011 – For the second consecutive year, the Olympus Tours Foundation joined the 350.org (an international organization) to build a movement that unites the world in creating solutions to the climate crisis. Our voices united, we put our actions for changing climate issues into motion, calling the world to go beyond fossil fuels.

350. org is dedicated to building movements that unite the world with solutions to combat the climate crisis. This organization focuses on the number 350, which is the same number as the safe limit for the number of parts per million particles of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Reaffirming our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet, we coordinated an event in collaboration with institutions and NGO´s (Universidad del Sur, Entorno Vivo A.C, Dirección de Juventud, Instituto del Deporte, Hu´un Taak, PRO Animal, Conciencia Colectiva, Red Posithiva and more ) held at the Jose M. Morelos stadium (Toro Valenzuela) in Cancun. The purpose of the event was to provide information on renewable energy, composting workshops, education on products that do not pollute, tricycle and skateboard contests, encouraging the use of bicycles along with artistic presentations and local musicians.



2011 summer workshop

During summer vacations of 2011, Olympus Tours Foundation started a program of educational workshops directed towards children of 5 to 14 years of age. These workshops took place mainly at the Olympus Gallery in Cancun.

On this first course, the objective was to emphasize the creation of an environmental conscience on the children with the following activities:

 A detailed explanation about the endangered species in our state, what endangered species these are, why they are in danger, and how we can help to their protection. The children made drawings and shapes of these animals with different materials such as paper mache. Also, the teachers taught them how to make wristbands with color threads and other reusable materials such as paperboard, which in this case was used to make frames. All this, with the main purpose of showing the children some of the many possible ways to recycle, reuse, and reduce garbage.

Children were encouraged as well to make dough and create their own sculptures, developing the artistic abilities within each one of them.

They also practiced to sprout seeds by themselves, and grow them in a home like environment. Learning about the origin of different foods, and how to take care of them, emphasizing as well on how the chemical free foods also help to maintain the balance between man and the ecosystem.


Support to Underwater Museum

One of the main objectives of the Olympus ToursFoundation is to promote ecology and care of the environment, preservation, research of aquatic and wildlife, which is why we have joined efforts to help develop the Underwater Museum of Art in Cancun. Our participation will help to safeguard marine life and the natural reefs off our coast. The Museum is located within the protected area known as the “West Coast National Marine Park of Isla Mujeres Punta Cancun and Punta Nizuc.”  Besides being a tourist attraction in our region, the museum alleviates some of the pressure put our reefs (as over 290,000 visitors annually embark upon this delicate ecosystem).

Jason Taylor deCaires, the artist, has designed sculptures that become artificial reefs and are made of special materials which promote marine life,thus enabling corals and sea creatures to thrive.Works of art are placed at depths between 3 and6 metersin what purports to be one of the largest underwater museums in the world.The appearance of the sculptures, with the colonization of marine organisms will evolve with time. The Museum project is very expensive and is expected to be completed in ten years with the gradual placement of about 400 full-scale sculptures. In August 2011, the Foundation made a generous donation of both time & money for the present and future of the museum.

2011 International Year of Forests – UN

Sunday, July 17, 2011 -Within the framework of the International Year of Forests enacted in 2011 by the United Nations, the Olympus Tours Foundation responded to the call of the National Forestry Commission of Mexico to contribute (along with other civic associations and municipal institutions) to the reforestation of the lateral area of Kabah Park, in downtown Cancun.

The President and members of the Foundation, planted native trees protected by Mexican Official Standard NOM 059, such as Cedar, Mahogany, Chaka, Ramon, Pasak, Sapodilla, Jabin, Guaiac, Chit Palm, all species that possess adaptive properties and do not require special care.

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