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Special Award for Huellas De Pan

Mayor Julian Ricalde, awarded Maria Elena Ortegon Ojeda

On Saturday, April 20, during the 7th session of the Council of Benito Juarez, the City´s Mayor Julian Ricalde, awarded Maria Elena Ortegon Ojeda with the medal for citizen achievement “Sigfrido Paz Paredes”

This medal was given for the first time in history in Cancun in the frame of the 43rd anniversary of the city´s foundation with the purpose of encouraging people to stand for their effort and dedication, making this destination a better place to live in.

Mayor of Cancun, Julián Ricalde

The Mayor thanked and praised the work of the honoree Maria Elena Ojeda Ortegon president and founder of the civil partnership of Huellas De Pan who in 2009, with the help and unconditional support of her husband and children launched a fully benefiting care project towards the thousands of children, seniors and low income families in the municipality of Benito Juarez.

The General Citizen Council, the Urban Observatory Network and Olympus Tours Foundation were the institutions that supported Maria Elena to receive the medal “Sigfrido Paz Paredes”, which symbolizes the recognition from citizens to the people committed to the city and to the improvement of the quality of life of its inhabitants.  

 Olympus Tours Foundation congratulates Maria Elena, the association Huellas De Pan and the work they do every day, and for being an example of perseverance and love for those who are in need.

IMG_4335Maria Elena Ortejon