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Scholarships to secondary education students

comité vinculación conalep

For the second time, this February the Olympus Tours Foundation has given out five scholarships to students attending the Conalep Cancun II upper secondary education school. The scholarships were awarded after a socio economic study that determined the needs for all the involved students.

 Besides awarding the scholarships, as part of our “Estudiar sí es posible” program, the Olympus Foundation also participates with principals, teachers and representative of companies and other educational institutes in the schools liaison committee.

This committee facilitates effective and organized participation between different parts of the community to better help and improve students.

During this school year the Olympus Tours Foundation also is a part of the Resourcing and Support Commission. The committee’s main functions are to promote and support the sale of services and training, promote the collection of donations, deliver grants and economic stimuli and promote the school’s, its students and alumni’s image.