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Scholarships for Conalep students

On October 6, we gave the first scholarships provided from the Olympus Tours Foundation to students of  Conalep II (National College for Professional Technical Education) in Cancun. Scholarships are a key part of the collaboration agreement between the Foundation and this educational institution. As the signed agreement the criteria was established the for awarding these scholarships. On this first occasion, the scholarships were given to students of Graphic and Digital Arts, and Informatics.

The Olympus Tours Foundation identifies education as one of the important issues in Mexico. According to unofficial figures, in our country, only seven out of ten young people graduate from middle school and gain entry to high school. Of these, 23% leave the school in the first year and those who remain, 10% drop out before completing their high school studies.

With these figures in mind, Olympus Tours Foundation devised the “Study is Possible Program”, aiming to help young people complete their studies.


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