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From November 24th to December 18th in the Gallery of the Olympus Foundation presented the painting exhibition “From Cusco to Cancun: a collection of sacred art of paintings from the Cusco School”.

The Cusco school originated in the Andean city of Cusco, Peru, in the late seventeenth century, thanks to the artistic and cultural patronage of the Catholic Church, as well as the rest of the American continent during the colonial period, boosted the artistic activities as part of the evangelizer process and re-education of the natives of the new continent. The strength of the school and the expressive force of its art conferred such force that came to extend its influence from Ecuador to Chile during the eighteenth century.

The mining boom of the eighteenth century brought a rise in the construction of churches and palaces, where it was possible for the Cusco School to express and manifest their creative potential. The development of the School and its rapid spread to the south of the continent is related to the social promotion of native Spaniards and their Creole descendants, who came to occupy important positions in the ecclesiastical and civil administration of the colonial administration.

The Cusco School is characterized by a painting focused on religious grounds of easy reading, where the rich brocades drawing and the intensity of the color palette used predominate. Religious reasons and European techniques blended with the indigenous reasons and techniques resulting in a rich and colorful artistic mix of the Peruvian Baroque.

One important feature of the Cusco school is that its artistic production was organized by workshops, in which its members specialized in a specific part of the canvas: the faces, hands, clothing, landscapes and flowers. The artistic production was collective to the extent that many of the work did not have a single author, but rather the result of a collective work of the members of the workshop or even various workshops.

This form of production has passed on from generation to generation, until this day some of the most important painting workshops of Peru still prevail.

The paintings that were displayed in the Olympus Gallery are the product of a new generation of artists of the Cusco school, representing different versions of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Immaculate Conception, The Sacred Family and San Miguel.

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