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Like every year, the Olympus Tours Foundation joined the Earth Hour, international movement that aims to create awareness among the population about climate change and the importance of saving energy and stop natural disasters because of global warming.

In this edition of Earth Hour Olympus Tours Foundation has participated as sponsor, and promoting the participation of students of middle and high school education.

The event took place on March 19 in Plaza de la Reforma, in the center of Cancun where students, children and families gathered to participated in various activities that the Organizing Committee assembled to commemorate this date.

As part of the activities talks were held regarding taking care of water and non-renewable natural resources and other issues related to the care of the environment in our community.

Some families attended the event with bicycles, skates and skateboards to join the tour which took place in Tulum and Nader avenues, two of the main avenues of this touristic city.

The event ended at around 8:00 pm, moment when the lights went out and the square was lit with candles that formed the image 60+.

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