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Olympus Tours and its Foundation in FIAP 2015

LA UNION, realizada por Narcelio Grud

From the 21st to the 28th of February the International Festival of Public Art (FIAP) was held in Cancun. Olympus Tours and the Foundation participated as a sponsors and offered an outside wall of our premises to house the work of Brazilian artist Narcélio Grud. The FIAP 2015 is intended to promote Cancun as an international showcase of public art and contribute to the development of art tourism in the city.

For a week, twenty local and foreign artists worked in various public spaces in the city contributing murals, installations and artistic interventions that reflected their vision of Cancun, its inhabitants and its multicultural background.

Case in point is the mural done by Narcélio Grud at our offices entitled “Union”. The mural consists of five asexual ‘’beings’’, half human half alien, emerging from some kind of liquid portals. The first figure is alone and seems to be searching for something on the right, two emerging figures that seem to recognize each other and finally in the center, two beings so close to one another that one´s hands merge with the other´s chest, blurring the concept of individuality.

los seres de Narcelio

These ‘’beings’’, as Narcelio calls them, are recurring figures in his work and symbolize the men and women of all races, colors and nationalities. Usually portrayed touching and merging, they give us a few clues about Narcélio´s interests as an artist and person: primarily understanding otherness.

Otherness, according to the Real Academia de la Lengua, is “the condition of being another”. And in the mural painted by Narcélio at Olympus Tours, otherness is expressed in each of these beings, “those others at the end”, as Octavio Paz in Piedra de Sol would say, are ourselves.

Narcélio Grud is from Fortaleza, a Brazilian city “much like Cancun, known for its tourism and also having spectacular skies”. He studied interior design but his tastes and interests soon led him down the path of art.

He is a graffiti artist and muralist, he creates sound installations and makes musical instruments sui generis, inventor, set designer, artistic promoter and above all a warm and restless explorer of the human spirit.

Among the aesthetic concerns of Narcélio is research on the role of the spectator in receiving the artwork, therefore, many of his work goes from being an observer to active participation in the artistic process.

He is of the opinion that urban art helps to make people happy because not only does it beautify and therefore makes our surroundings more livable, but also serves to communicate or causes us to reflect on issues and problems concerning the inhabitants of any city, something which speaks of the deep social commitment of the artist.

Like our Foundation and Olympus Tours, Narcélio is convinced that companies have a very important role in society, as their responsibility focuses not only to being an employer but improving quality of life for everybody, and a way of doing this is by bringing art to the community.

So remember, the next time you visit Cancun do not forget to take a stroll down the city streets and admire the murals and other artwork that FIAP has brought to us. And if you want a look at Narcélio’s mural you’ll find it at our location on Yaxchilan Avenue, near the corner of Kabah.

Mural de NarcelioNarcelio Crud