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“Health Challenge Olympus 2015″

Reto por la Salud 2015

The “Health Challenge Olympus 2015″ started on Tuesday February 17th, an activity that is part of our overall “Health and Wellness” project which aims to help improve the physical and mental health of our employees.

The “Health Challenge Olympus 2015″ is a contest for weight loss that lasts three months. It started on Tuesday February 17th and will end on Monday, May 18th. During this period, participants will receive email information about healthy eating and exercise tips for a safe and fun workout. There will also be presentations from nutritionists organized by Olympus Tours.

 Beyond the competition as such, the goal of this project is to promote better eating habits and help incorporate physical activity into everyday life for the employees of Olympus Tours.

 According to the Ministry of Health, obesity is a major public health problem in our country. Twenty five percent of occupational disabilities and disorders are obesity related, it causes costs of between 22% and 34% on family income and three out of four hospital beds are occupied by patients with obesity related illnesses. “Health Challenge Olympus 2015″ and the “Health and Wellness” program are part of Olympus Tours’ social responsibility strategy coordinated by the Olympus Tours Foundation and showcase the company’s commitment to welfare.