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Huellas de Pan visits Olympus Gallery

At Olympus Gallery on March 23, 2013

On the past Saturday March 23rd the Olympus Gallery had the honor of receiving the boys and girls from Huellas De Pan, the civil association that works improving the quality of life of the children in Cancun by providing   them with well balanced food at its community dining hall.

The children who took the guided visit of the exhibition Endangered species in Quintana Roo, are part of the initiative “Alimentación por la Educación” (Food for Education) which looks forward to eradicate malnutrition such as diminish the school dropout levels of the children in Cancun.

During this visit, the kids learned to identify the main reasons that put animals from the region in risk of extinction such as some of their particular behaviors.

At the end of the tour, the youngest ones participated in puzzle activities and the older ones tested their knowledge and observation skills by solving crosswords.

With this activity, Olympus Tours Foundation is adding to the program Culture Saturdays, organized by Huellas de Pan, therefore, the Gallery will be receiving soon, other groups from the Alimentación por la Educación initiative.

Huellas de Pan  visit Olympus GalleryMarch 23, 2013