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Environmental Days at the Kindergarten Peter of Ghent / Josefina Vicens

February 24-25, 2012 -The Department of Ecology, the Association of Flora, Fauna & Culture, Quintana Roo, the Olympus Tours Foundation and the parents worked together to organize Environmental Day. Informal courses were given to children and their families about the importance of green spaces and gardens they planted fruit trees and ornamental plants. Each child took at least one tree home with them to learn how to care and nurture it.

Kindergarten Juan Escutia is located northeast of Cancun where it is leading a frenetic daily ecocide. The rapid arrival of migrants seeking to improve their living working in the tourism sector, has led to the rapid growth of housing developments.

Developers are building houses on such a massive scale that deforestation and destruction of the entire rainforest ecosystem has suffered tremendously. The conversion of mangroves and tropical forests into concrete slabs has contributed to global warming. This has left the inhabitants of these subdivisions exposed to heat, decreased bodies of water and the effects of hurricanes.

The authorities continue to issue building permits for housing developments. The municipality currently does not meet the requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO) which strongly recommends that there must be 12 square meters of green areas per inhabitant for a good quality of life. Unhealthy urban growth policies, allows the destruction of the ecosystem and then tries to implement reforestation.