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: Sociocultural development program

Enough! It is time to live!

The Olympus Tours Foundation on October 6th of 2018 had the pleasure of hosting the experiential conference of Danilu Guemez who in a talented way gave a speech about the extraordinary achievements that women can accomplish if they propose and fight for it.

The event was organized by the Association Gente Extraordinaria and included the monologue “Selaginela” written by the Emilio Carballido- famous writer from Veracruz- and a beautiful performance of Dannae García under the direction of Professor Luis Manuel Vega Lezama who has more than 30 years of theater experience. In the framework of the same event, the CIMA Cancún dance school presented a show of Polynesian dances, very applauded by the attending public.

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Digital Marketing for Global Movements

Olympus Tours Foundation, aiming for social development and training towards it, continues to offer its headquarters for activities focused on promoting citizens participation in matters of public interest. Therefore; during the 3rd of October it hosted the practical workshop on the creation of strategies to get allies and donors before the approach of the International Day “A Day to Give”. The workshop, which multiple civil associations attended, was offered by the Association Colectivo Impacto Social.

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“Antes de que el tiempo nos alcance”, Presentation of Juan Carlos Serrano new book


On May 19, 2018 at the Olympus gallery, the presentation of the new book by writer Juan Carlos Serrano took place. “Antes de que el tiempo nos alcance” (“Before the time reaches us”) is a short story book in which the aforementioned and multi-faceted artist from Argentina offers its readers a nostalgic journey through the time, between a fantastic world and a real world, so real that any Latin American can feel identified with history, both at the psychological level and the socio-political conditions in which the stories of Juan Carlos Serrano are developed.

The literary evening included the reading of some book´s fragments, interspersed with musicalized poetic texts by artists Jorge Jufresa, Corina Blázquez and Salvador Escudero, who accompanied the writer to delight the audience and take them on a short journey through the world of letters.

For the Olympus Tours Foundation, it was an honor to host this type of artistic expressions that enrich the socio-cultural development of our community.

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What is autism?


On April 13, 2018, in the framework the International World Autism Awareness Day, Olympus Tours Foundation in collaboration with the association Sinergia Inclusiva, host the conference “What is Autism”, given by the psychologist Yunuen Hernández, a certified specialist in diagnostic, detection and intervention of the autism spectrum, with more than 10 years of experience. At the foundation´s headquarters, representatives of several associations and parents of children with autism attended, being all in agreement that “Autism is not a disease is a condition of life.”

Presentation of the book “De la ciencia a la conciencia, una mirada femenina”

At the Olympus Gallery, headquarters of the Foundation, on April 12, the writer Gloria Goijberg, presented her book “De la ciencia a la conciencia, una mirada femenina”  (“From science to consciousness, a feminine look.”) The researcher includes in her book an autobiographical personal reflection about our inner world and it’s potential.

Goijberg, during the event, invited the audience “to connect with themselves in a fascinating and profound self-knowledge to achieve the desired peace and fulfillment… Reaching the understanding that we co-create reality in our mind, implies an enormous ethical and loving responsibility, respect for ourselves, with all living beings, with the planet and its resources” emphasized the writer.

presentacion del libro Gloria

Supporting the Deaf Athletes Association

The Foundation was so proud to host at its headquarters the official ceremony for the constitution of Deaf Athletes Association from the State of Quintana Roo on March 17, 2018.

With the aim of offering more and better development opportunities to all sports sectors, the president of the Commission for Youth and Sports of Quintana Roo, Antonio López Pinzón, along with Mrs. María Eugenia Rivera Lara, president of the Mexican Federation of Sports for the Deaf, made the official act for the constitution of the Association in an emotional ceremony.

This new Association of Deaf Athletes assigned Sergio Emmanuel Matías Euán as its president, an admirable athlete and a good friend of the Olympus Tours Foundation.


Olympus Gallery, an open space for civil society organizations

In the framework of the “Camino Compartido” program (“Shared Path”) Olympus Gallery, the Foundation’s headquarters, hosted the meeting held on February 21, 2018 between more than 30 representatives of civil society organizations, leaders of the Ministry of Social Development and the Private Social Assistance Board of Quintana Roo. Among other issues, the meeting recognized the recognized the need to update the legal framework, specifically in the Regulation of the Law for the NGOs Activities, as well as achieving a greater strategic focus of the training programs.

The “Shared Path” program of the Foundation, with the general objective the social development, includes among its axes the provision of the gallery space as a support service for the creation, strengthening and coordination of groups and civil society organizations that carry out any of the activities aiming the social development as those are listed in the Federal Development Law.

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In support of the Casa de Cultura of Puerto Morelos in Quintana Roo and as part of our “Shared Road” program, on March 13th,  (more…)


On June 30, the Olympus Tours Foundation was pleased to accompany students of the IAS (International American School) (more…)