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: Exhibitions

Exhibition “Lapses and nostalgia”

Olympus Tours Foundation in agreement with the Proyectos Educativos de Arte, from March 21 to June 30, 2018 presents at its headquarters the exhibition “Lapses and nostalgia” of Rubén Maya, a Mexican painter from Queretaro.

The inaugural act was attended by the wonderful voices of the Quantum Beat group by CoralCun and the presence of the proffesor Abraham Guerrero Escobar, who introduced the audience to the Ruben´s Maya work.

The exhibition is part of the educational and cultural projects of the Olympus Tours Foundation and on this occasion, members of the deaf community of our city have been benefited by the educational graphic workshops, given by Marycarmen Pérez Rodríguez, director of Divertimento Visual Arts Workshop within the framework of the exhibition. Guided tours of organized groups of students from Cancun have also been offered.

Colage expo Ruben Maya

“Alas”, Exhibition of visual artists from Puerto Morelos

The “Alas” Collective Exhibition with works of seven artists residing in Puerto Morelos was presented at the Olympus Tours Foundation headquarters from January 12 to 31, 2018. In agreement with the association Natural Sustentable, the exhibition included paintings by Aileen Caffrey, Alfredo Lanz, Marco Riha. Maria Cristina Carballal Román, Montserrat Faura, Narciso Padilla and Silvia Rubio; authors mostly present during the inauguration.

The event also featured the performance of the Quantum Beat choir of the Asociación Coralcun, acapella vocal group who delighted the audience with their impressive voices.

The exhibition is part of the Olympus Tours Foundation project Isodos Exodos, which promotes the artistic expressions, creative learning, social reflection, solidarity and cooperation among people, organizations and groups working for the social and cultural development of our community.

artistas de Puerto Morelos

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As part of the celebration of International Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development (more…)