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“Burbuja” Kindergarten, DIF



November 2011 As part of the social assistance program and a continuing collaboration with DIF in the Municipality of Benito Juarez, the Olympus Tours Foundation adopted the “Burbuja” kindergarten which provides support for the infrastructure of the program to benefit the children.

 The DIF kindergarten provides working mothers with a safe place for their children to go while they go to work each day. The kindergarten accepts children from 1 ½ to 4 years old, and is under the direction of educators that help them develop their motor and intellectual skills. The kindergarten offers breakfast and lunch for all the children in the program.

Olympus Tours Foundation wanted to be part of the “Adopting a Smile” program. This program was designed by the Coordinator of Childcare DIF Benito Juarez and Olympus worked in close collaboration to improve the facilities of the “Burbuja” which is located in the region 333, one of the most impoverished areas of Cancun.

 They needed new cupboards and refrigerator, a suitable floor for children, toys,  nets and much more …

And got down to work


 Posada at the “Burbuja”

December 14, 2011   Enjoying Mexican traditions, “La Posada” the Mexican Christmas party was held at the “Burbuja”.

The Foundation contributed to the party with the cakes and gifts for children. The little elves played and enjoyed the delicious food, the piñata and candy

Painting the walls

 May 28, 2012 – Members and volunteers of the Foundation, in conjunction with the Travelocity team in Cancun gave a hand to prepared the walls of the Burbuja” so they could be decorated with the children’s drawings.

Childrens Day at the “Burbuja”

April 30, 2012 “Children’s Day”, the Olympus Tours foundation sponsored a party for their “Godchildren”, at the “Burbuja” kindergarten. There was a “Lion King” piñata, filled with candy, gifts and … a surprise