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Enough! It is time to live!

The Olympus Tours Foundation on October 6th of 2018 had the pleasure of hosting the experiential conference of Danilu Guemez about the extraordinary achievements that women can accomplish if they propose and fight for it.

Digital Marketing for Global Movements

During the 3rd of October 2018 Olympus Tours Foundation hosted the practical workshop on the creation of strategies to get allies and donors before the approach of the International Day “A Day to Give”.

International Coastal Cleanup Day 2018

On September 23rd 2018, the Olympus Tours Foundation has joined the call of the international organization Ocean Conservancy to promote awareness of the urgent need to take care of our planet before the worryingly increment of plastic pollution

Readings from the Tokonoma

The closing of the La Tlacuila´s group creative writing workshop took place at the headquarters of the Olympus Tours Foundation on August 22, 2018.

“Health and Wellbeing for All”

The headquarters of the Foundation hosted a series of lectures given by medical specialists and professionals from Red Down Mexico

“Antes de que el tiempo nos alcance”, Presentation of Juan Carlos Serrano new book

On May 19, 2018 at the Olympus gallery, the presentation of the new book by writer Juan Carlos Serrano took place. “Antes de que el tiempo nos alcance” is a short story book in which the multi-faceted artist from Argentina offers its readers a nostalgic journey through the time…

What is autism?

On April 13, 2018, in the framework the International World Autism Awareness Day, Olympus Tours Foundation in collaboration with the association Sinergia Inclusiva, host the conference “What is Autism”, given by the psychologist Yunuen Hernández,

Presentation of the book “De la ciencia a la conciencia, una mirada femenina”

At the Olympus Gallery, headquarters o the Foundation, on April 12, the writer Gloria Goijberg, presented her book “De la ciencia a la conciencia, una mirada femenina” …

Exhibition “Lapses and nostalgia”

Olympus Tours Foundation in agreement with the Proyectos Educativos de Arte, from March 21 to June 30, 2018 presents at its headquarters the exhibition “Lapses and nostalgia” of Rubén Maya, a Mexican painter from Queretaro. The inaugural act was attended by the wonderful voices of the Quantum Beat group by CoralCun and the presence of

Supporting the Deaf Athletes Association

The Foundation was so proud to host at its headquarters the official ceremony for the constitution of Deaf Athletes Association from the State of Quintana Roo on March 17, 2018

Olympus Gallery, an open space for civil society organizations

In the framework of the “Camino Compartido” program (“Shared Path”) Olympus Gallery, the Foundation’s headquarters, hosted the meeting held on February 21, 2018 between more than 30 representatives of civil society organizations, leaders of the Ministry of Social Development and the Private Social Assistance Board of Quintana Roo. Among other issues, the meeting recognized the

Scholarship to CONALEP students

On February 7, 2018, 11 scholarships were awarded to students of limited resources, within the framework of the Foundation´s program “Education is possible” and the collaboration agreement with the Cancún II CONALEP

“Alas”, Exhibition of visual artists from Puerto Morelos

The “Alas” Collective Exhibition with works of seven artists residing in Puerto Morelos was presented at the Olympus Tours Foundation headquarters from January 12 to 31, 2018.


On June 23rd and 24th, at the facilities of the Olympus Foundation, informative talks were held on acupuncture neoclassical, which were very interesting, in addition to several therapies were made to the assistant.    


As part of the celebration of International Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development


In compliance with the 100th anniversary of the birthday of Juan Rulfo on May 16th,


Olympus Tours Foundation, in the “shared road” program and in coordination with the authorities of the CADI 


On April 27th, the DIF Benito Juarez  celebrated the “FESTIVAL OF THE CHILD’S DAY AND THE MOTHER’S DAY”


On April 19, the Municipal Ecology Commission of the municipality of Benito Juárez, to which Cancún belongs, was installed.


The Olympus Tours Foundation as each year contributed a small grain of sand to participate in the movement called “the hour of the planet” 


In support of the Casa de Cultura of Puerto Morelos in Quintana Roo and as part of our “Shared Road” program, on March 13th, 


The last february 14th, in the Plaza de la Reforma in Cancun, the marriage  liaison was carried out between 200 couples participating in the 2017 Collective Weddings program headed by the municipal DIF. The Olympus Tours Foundation, had the pleasure of supporting through a donation consisting of courtesies to different tours, as part of the


On June 30, the Olympus Tours Foundation was pleased to accompany students of the IAS (International American School)


The Olympus Tours Foundation hand in hand with IAS, (The International American School of Cancun)


On December 12, the Olympus Tours Foundation delivered toys to the representatives of the System for the Integral Development of the Family in Benito Juárez (DIF), that will be raffled on January 6


Friday December 9 the Olympus Tours Foundation had the pleasure to invite 30 children and teenagers of the Foundation Pro Down Syndrome to a very special event


On Sunday October 16,  more than 90 team Leaders and Assistance Team leader of Liberty Travel collaborated along with parents, students of Kiin Beh Educational Center

Inauguration of “Art CY @ Olympus” Collective Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Cyprus

On Thursday October 6, on the occasion of the 56th anniversary of the proclamation of independence of the Republic of Cyprus, the Honorary Consulate of Cyprus in Quintana Roo and the Olympus Tours Foundation inaugurated the group  exhibition of contemporary ART CY @ OLYMPUS. Through a selection of works as varied in their conceptual proposals

Olympus Tours Foundation received its participation certificate for taking part in the International Beach Cleanup 2015

On Thursday July 30th the Olympus Tours Foundation received its participation certificate for taking part in the International Beach Cleanup (LIP) 2015. This global event organized by Ocean Conservancy brought together more than 790,000 people around the world to clean 40.538 kilometers of coastline and collect 8 million kilos of garbage. In Quintana Roo, a


Olympus Tours Foundation in the framework, of its program Studying is possible, organized the itinerary and helped with the necessary arrangements for the children of the School Fidencio Diaz, part of the Kop Chen community near Felipe Carrillo Puerto, to go on a fieldtrip to Cancun. The school trip called “Beyond the community” was held


On the month of May travel centers of Flight Center USA held a fund raiser on St. Patrick’s day and gathered the sum of $2,500 USD which was donated to the educational center of Kiin Beh for the construction of a new classroom. The resource joined by the employees of Flight Centre, senior partner and


The “DiversidArte exhibition: Travelers-residents of Quintana Roo” was inaugurated on Thursday May 19. The Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus and Olympus Tours Foundation, organized this  exhibition of visual arts,  In the framework of World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, which commemorates the United Nations Organization every May 21. The opening


On April 24th the Olympus Tours Foundation in collaboration with “La Escuelita de Sonia”, “Huellas de Pan AC” and “Manos de Apoyo y Vida” invited children living in disadvantage conditions in Cancun to a didactic opera “The Magic Flute” as a present for Children’s Day. This adaptation is an act of the famous opera by


On the occasion of the celebration of Children’s day, Olympus Tours Foundation gave out gifts to childcare facilities that are part of the system for Integral Development of the Family (DIF). The first gift was to the childcare facility La Burbuja, who received a bouncy house so that children could enjoy jumping during recess. The


On March 21st seniors of the “Parish School”, of Dallas Texas, accompanying the Olympus Tours Foundation, visited the facilities of “La Escuelita de Sonia” (The Little School of Sonia) to deliver uniforms and school supplies to more 80 children who study there. On behalf of their classmates, who cooperating to collect the gifts, the girls


On December 9th took place the conference “Spiritual and theological interpretation of the Prodigal Son” in the Olympus Tours Foundation Gallery, in charge of the Father Luis Pablo Garza. Meanwhile the Honorary Consul of the Netherlands Ingrid Bosman presented the life and work of Rembrandt. This conference main goal was to promote interest and the


On November 25th the Olympus Tours Foundation visited the facilities of the Care Center for Child Development La Burbuja, at the region 233 of Cancun, to deliver blackboards and paint to remodel the classrooms where children are taken care of. This donation is one more addition to a series of supports that the Olympus Tours


From November 24th to December 18th in the Gallery of the Olympus Foundation presented the painting exhibition “From Cusco to Cancun: a collection of sacred art of paintings from the Cusco School”. The Cusco school originated in the Andean city of Cusco, Peru, in the late seventeenth century, thanks to the artistic and cultural patronage


On November 16, thanked to Olympus Tours Linked –up program, Flight Centre and Liberty Travel Team Leaders visited the Education Center Kiin Beh located in Cristo Rey, a suburb of Playa del Carmen that even before 2011 had no schools or community services. At the temporary facilities of the educational center the Team Leaders apart


Like every year, the Olympus Tours Foundation joined the Earth Hour, international movement that aims to create awareness among the population about climate change and the importance of saving energy and stop natural disasters because of global warming. In this edition of Earth Hour Olympus Tours Foundation has participated as sponsor, and promoting the participation


On October 21st, as part of the annual leadership conference Flight Centre Travel Group, in coordination with Olympus Tours Foundation offered a day of volunteer work to improve the space of the Association of Parents with Mentally Handicapped Children in Cancun (APAFHDEM).The Association provides occupational opportunities to mentally disabled young- adults in Cancun promoting their


The presentation of the book “How to optimize your involvement in One day to give, the experience of Cancun 2014”, took place on Wednesday the 23rd of September on the Olympus Tours Foundation premises. This book provides tools and tips for civil associations, on how to take advantage and maximize this global movement, which aims


On this occasion, the Olympus Tours team was comprised of over 50 volunteers of Olympus Tours employees and their families as well as students and their parents of the International American School (IAS), who combed the beaches of Isla Blanca in search of waste thrown out by the sea or sadly by visitors who carelessly


On Monday the 20th of July the projection of the documentary “Free China and the courage to believe” was shown in the Olympus Tours Foundation facilities. This documentary film reveals the violation of human rights in China and the persecution of the practitioners of Falun Gong by the Chinese government. Directed by Michael Perlman it


On Friday July 10th an economic donation was granted to three of the athletes who represented Mexico in swimming competitions in the World Games of the Special Olympics which took place in Los Angeles, California from the 25th of July to the 2nd of August. These young athletes belong to Astra Cancun, a civil association

Challenge the world, save the planet

If I can, you can. As every year, Olympus Tours Foundation adds on to the Hour of the Earth, initiated and promoted by the WWF (The World Wide Fund for Nature) since 2007. This event, taking place all over the globe, has the purpose of extending an invitation to people, governments, academic institutions, private and

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM), also referred to in America as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM), is an annual international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure. The campaign also offers information and support to those affected by breast cancer.

Working with Huellas de Pan

As another part of its social assistance actions, Olympus Tours Foundation strongly supports  “Huellas de Pan” association, whose main objective is to provide with the correct nourishment to all the vulnerable groups in the whole Cancun area. Olympus Tours Foundation´s monthly donations are of prime importance in order to continue to support and improve the correct development

Golf tournaments to support CRIT

  In July  of 2012 as each year, a golf tournament was  held  at El Camaleon Golf Course in Mayakobá,  to support the CRIT, which provides care to more than 900 children in the state of Quintana Roo that have disabilities due to neuromuscular skeletal disease. The Olympus Tours Foundation has been a sponsor of this event

World Environment Day

World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated every year on 5th June to raise global awareness of the need to take positive environmental action. It is run by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). It was the day that United Nations Conference on the Human Environment began. The United Nations Conference on the Human Environment was

Collaboration with the Universidad del Caribe

In May 2012, the president of the Foundation Olympus Tours, Mr. Lakis Charalmbous delivered the rector of the University of the Caribbean, Arturo Manzur Escaip with 10 scholarships for outstanding students. This laid the foundation for a successful collaboration for both institutions to help enhance Cancun’s society in general. The University of the Caribbean is

” Endangered Animals of Quintana Roo”

The Olympus Tours Foundation, in an effort to conserve biodiversity on the planet and reaffirm our commitment to environmental education of the community of Benito Juarez  Cancun,  created an exhibit entitled  ” Endangered Animals of Quintana Roo “. The exhibit includes a collection of photographs of CONABIO, (National Commission for Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity), Huichol

Environmental Day in the Kabah Park

  On Saturday May 12, The Olympus Tours Foundation held an “Environmental Day” under the supervision of Kabah Park Director, its staff and the Department of Ecology of the Municipality of Benito Juarez. The two objectives for the “Environmental Day” were  to take immediate action to improve our environment, to inform and sensitize young people

“Burbuja” Kindergarten, DIF

    November 2011 As part of the social assistance program and a continuing collaboration with DIF in the Municipality of Benito Juarez, the Olympus Tours Foundation adopted the “Burbuja” kindergarten which provides support for the infrastructure of the program to benefit the children.  The DIF kindergarten provides working mothers with a safe place for

Guided Tours for School Children

As part of our Foundation’s efforts to promote cultural education to the youth of Cancun, organized school groups visited the exhibition, “Cyprus 11,000 years of Civilization and 50 years of Independence” which took place from December 2010 to May 2012 in the Olympus Gallery. The tour included a video of the history, as well as

Toys on children’s day

 April 28, 2012  Answering the call of Benito Juarez’DIF chapter, a department from our Foundation donated toys that were distributed among needy children in our community.  

World book day

World Book and Copyright Day (also known as International Day of the Book or World Book Days) is a yearly event on 23 April, organized by UNESCO to promote reading, publishing and copyright. The Day was first celebrated in 1995 and in 2012 the UK World Book day was celebrated on 1 March 2012. World

Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual day on which events are held worldwide to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment. Now Earth Day is coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network, and is celebrated in more than 175 countries every year.In 2009, the United Nations designated April 22 International Mother Earth Day. Earth

Environmental Journal at the Kabah Park

  Saturday, March 12, 2012  The Olympus Tours Foundation held an environmental day at the Kabah Park in partnership with the Ecology Department of theMunicipality of Benito Juarez in promoting our on-going project “Safeguarding Biodiversity”. This event was made possible thanks in part to a large group of students from the International American School of Cancun. 

Support to “Chispas”

Cancun ranks number one with the most reported HIV cases in the State of Quintana Roo. The Olympus Tours Foundation supports organizations such as SEEDSSA “Chispas” in their campaigns and programs to prevent HIV AIDS.   Health Care for Sexual Disease Campaign In the first week of March 2012, Olympus Tours Foundation collaborated with SEEDSSA

Environmental Days at the Kindergarten Peter of Ghent / Josefina Vicens

February 24-25, 2012 -The Department of Ecology, the Association of Flora, Fauna & Culture, Quintana Roo, the Olympus Tours Foundation and the parents worked together to organize Environmental Day. Informal courses were given to children and their families about the importance of green spaces and gardens they planted fruit trees and ornamental plants. Each child

Support to the Tarahumara people

February 2012 – Olympus Tours Foundation answered the urgent call of the civil association “Caritas of Quintana Roo” with provisions to support the Tarahumara people who suffered the consequences of drought, located north of Mexico.  Continuing with its social responsibility, the Foundation, its partners, friends and businesses  and the Regio Group, donated powdered milk, rice,

Support for the Rehabilitation of Gina

Gina provides inspiration to everyone she comes in contact with, prompting the Olympus Tours Foundation to see her through the process of rehabilitation and offer as much support as possible to overcome the consequences of her congenital multiple artogryposis. As part of Gina’s rehabilitation at CRIT,  (Children’s Telethon Rehabilitation Center in Cancun) she must travel

Social Integration Program

Olympus Tours Foundation supports many social welfare projects for those most vulnerable in Cancun. In 2011, we sponsored a program which aims to promote self sustenance and facilitate productive social inclusion, to help incarcerated individuals in Cancun. In November 2011, the employees of Olympus Tours held the first raffle featuring crafts that were hand made

Reyes Magos – “The Three Kings”

  On January 6th, “The Kings Day” (“Dia del Reyes”), Mexico commemorates the giving of gold, frankincense and myrrh to Jesus by the three wise men. This is one of the most favorite and anticipated days for Mexican children, as on this day it is custom to give them the toys that they have asked

Excursions for “The Golden Years”

  December 2011- The OlympusTours Foundation contributed excursions to major tourist attractions in Quintana Roo to the Club de “los Años Dorados” de la Tercera Edad A.C., ( “Golden Years of the Third Age Association”) . This donation was made in support of kermes, which is organized every year in an effort to raise funds to

Posada decembrina (pre-Christmas traditional mexican party)

December 17, 2011-Olympus Tours Foundation was  one of the “Fairly Odd Parents” for the traditional mexican pre Christmas party “Posada”, organized for the children who assist at the  “Learning to Live with HIV” Asociation.

Reforestation of School Property in Puerto Morelos

As part of our project “Safeguarding Biodiversity” and our reforestation program, in partnership with the Association of Flora, Fauna and Culture of Mexico, we began the reforestation of the J. Francisco I. Madero School. December 1-2, 2011 we conducted training workshops for parents and students of the school. They were taught how to properly transplant

“XXVII Cancun Night Marathon “

A team of athletes and members of the Olympus Tours Foundation participated in a major sporting event the “XXVII CANCUN NIGHT MARATHON 2011″ which took place on Saturday December 3, 2011, on the central avenue of Bonampak. The Foundation sponsored athletes that participated in both the 5 Km and 21 km race. Chi Anderson Edgar

Festival of “Más Hip Hop, Más Cultura”

On October 15, 2011 – For the fifth consecutive year, the Festival of “Más Hip Hop, Más Cultura” was held in the Parque de las Palapas located in Cancun downtown. This event is one that many young people look forward to attending all year long. The event is organized by the local youth group “Soy

Brigades for the Blue Crab protection

Brigades from the Olympus Tours Foundation joined forces with Salvaguardad’s “Protection Blue Crab Program”. On the night of the full moon, Foundation members and their families met at two different points in the Cancun hotel zone (The Pearls and Punta Nizuc, marked by the Ecology Department of the Municipality of Benito Juarez) to help female

Incentive for Blind Athletes

 In September 2011, the Olympus Tours Foundation was asked by the Club for Blind Children in Cancun “Give Us A Little of Your Light” to support young  athelts  and the Foundation   sponsored two children, both blind athletes, Carlos Montes de Oca and Edgard Gonzalez Chi Anderson. On October 3 they participated in the first phase of

“Moving Planet”: Calling for the world to go beyond fossil fuels

  September 24, 2011 – For the second consecutive year, the Olympus Tours Foundation joined the 350.org (an international organization) to build a movement that unites the world in creating solutions to the climate crisis. Our voices united, we put our actions for changing climate issues into motion, calling the world to go beyond fossil

First grand race “Downtown Cancun “

A team of athletes and members of the Olympus Tours Foundation did not miss the “FIRST GRAND RACE DOWNTOWN CANCUN ” that took place on Saturday 10, September 2011 in the center of our city. It was a great pleasure to see more and more of our staff participates in the sporting events co-sponsored by

Support to Underwater Museum

One of the main objectives of the Olympus ToursFoundation is to promote ecology and care of the environment, preservation, research of aquatic and wildlife, which is why we have joined efforts to help develop the Underwater Museum of Art in Cancun. Our participation will help to safeguard marine life and the natural reefs off our

2011 International Year of Forests – UN

Sunday, July 17, 2011 -Within the framework of the International Year of Forests enacted in 2011 by the United Nations, the Olympus Tours Foundation responded to the call of the National Forestry Commission of Mexico to contribute (along with other civic associations and municipal institutions) to the reforestation of the lateral area of Kabah Park,

1st Sprint Triathlon in Puerto Morelos

The Olympus Tours Foundation enthusiastically participated in the 1st Sprint Triathlon held in Puerto Morelos, on July 3, 2011. The triathlon was organized by the Office of the Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau and the More Action Company to increase awareness of environmental protection.     Members and friends of the Foundation participated in the

“Nadando por la libre” Marathon

In an effort to promote sports, the Olympus Tours Foundation sponsored Coral Elizabeth Vazquez, a young girl who competed in the “NADANDO POR LA LIBRE” marathon on June 4, 2011. The event was an endurance swim in open water, held for the sixth consecutive year, sponsored by the Mexican Swimming Federation with more than 1000

Gifts for the childrens

  In April 2011, as every year, the Olympus Tours Foundation joined forces and responded to the call of the President of DIF Benito Juarez, so that the most impoverished children of  Cancun, our city, would have a nice surprise …  

One hour for the planet

March 26, 2011 – The headquarters of Olympus Tours in Cancun turned off their lights for one hour to support the WWF’s international campaign. The week before “Earth Hour”, each night for three hours, we cast a projection screen on our building that displays tips for people to become more aware of the importance of

Program of psychological support

In 2009 and 2010, Olympus Tours Foundation  run  a pilot program of psychological support. The psychological program offered advice and support through psychotherapy, brief therapy and group sessions, cathartic for individuals and those from disadvantaged social groups. The goal was to treat this population with therapy and help to create & foster healthy relationships, thus

Olympus Gallery Opening of “Cyprus 11,000 years of Civilization and 50 years of Independence.”

  On December 8, 2010 The Olympus Tours Foundation in Cancun opened its new cultural space, “Olympus Gallery “. In attendance were senior officials from state and local government, dignitaries from the Republic of Cyprus and the general public. The Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment of Cyprus, Mr. Demetris Eliades opened the exhibition

Visit to the “El Rey” archaeological site with APAFHDEM

November 26th, 2010 – As part of the Recreation and Coexistence project, the Olympus Tours Foundation had an unforgettable outing with intellectually challenged students who attend the APAFHDEM training workshops.   With the support of our cosponsor, “Expressos de Oro”, we visited the El Rey ruins, a Mayan Archaeological site located in the heart of Cancun’s picturesque

Emanuel Matias Euan, “Open Tae Kwon Do in the Americas”

    Answering the call of the coordination of special projects by the Municipal Sports Institute in Cancun, we were asked to help support one of the leading deaf athletes, Euan Matias Emanuel, a black belt, to participate in the “Open Tae Kwon Do in the Americas” which took place on November 21- 23, 2010

Tianguis Cultural Diversity

One of the most priceless treasures in the city of Cancun is its cultural diversity. The Olympus Tours foundation worked closely with the Honorary Consulate of Cyprus in Quintana Roo to plan activities for the first Tianguis Cultural Diversity event held in the   Palapas Park in downtown  Cancun on November 19-21, 2010. The multiethnic and

350 Trees to Reduce the Carbon Emission to 350 ppm

October 24th 2010 – A month before Cop 16 took place in our city, more than 350 members and friends of the Olympus Tours Foundation got “DOWN TO WORK” We reforested Kabah Park located in downtown Cancun.  We wanted to be part of the global movement, act locally and work on projects that can cut

Women’s Soccer Team of Quintana Roo

    The dedication to the sport of women’s soccer team of Quintana Roo definitely deserves the support of all of us. Support their efforts in representing our state in the National Olympiad 2010, has been an honor for the Foundation Olympus Tours.

A day with Women and Children of the “Ciudad de la Alegría” (City of Joy)

  September 2010 – Meeting our goals once again, we took a trip as part of the Recreation and Coexistence project. This time we went to the movies with the inhabitants of the “Home for Women and Children” in the  “Ciudad de la Alegria” (“City of Joy”).  “Ciudad de la Alegria” is located on the

Blue crab protection

At night, during the full moon in September and October, hundreds of crabs come out of wetlands adjacent to the hotel zone in Cancun and head for the sea to lay the eggs that are attached to their bellies. With the development of the area and change in their habitat, blue crab females are exposed

Visit to La Isla with “Mano Amiga” College

September 3, 2010 – Olympus Tours Foundation awarded a “recreational day” to the students of the primary and secondary schools of  “Mano Amiga”. Those students with the highest average score were invited to participate in a “recreational day”. We walked around La Isla, one of the most beautiful and exquisite entertainment centers in Cancun’s hotel

Elderly Day celebration

August 27, 2010 – On Elderly Day, the Olympus Tours Foundation, assisted the Integral Family Development of the Municipality of Benito Juarez with a contribution to help with the celebration in Cancun at the Parque de las Palapas. We delivered a donation of towels, which were distributed to the participant’s grandparents.

To the movie With “Red Posithiva”


Feature Film with APAFHDEM

  July 22, 2010- Our Foundation invited a group of mentally challenged youth and those with other serious health problems to go on an outing and see a movie at Plaza La Isla in Cancun’s hotel zone which is located between Nichupte Lagoon and the Caribbean Sea.  Plaza La Isla is a shopping center that

Motivational program: “Recreation and Coexistence”

Olympus Tours Foundation, in conjunction with other social welfare projects in support of marginalized groups (for economic reasons, sickness, disability, incarceration, age, gender or sexual preference), runs a motivational program called “Recreation and Coexistence “. This social integration model seeks to make coexistence possible by teaching life lessons, learning & values, as well as promoting

Exhibition, “Cyprus, 10,000 Years of Culture” at the Universidad Tecnologica

In conjunction with the Honorary Consulate of Cyprus in Cancun, the Olympus Tours Foundation launched “Cyprus, 10,000 Years of Culture” at the Technical University of Cancun in February 2008. The exhibition included videos of the history and current issues Cyprus faces today, a conference held by Ambassador Antonis Grivas and a culinary workshop that was

“Cultural Day” at UNID

January 29, 2008 – Students who study business administration at the Universidad Interamericana de Desarrollo   (UNID), the Embassy of Cyprus in Mexico, the Honorary Consulate of Cypus in Cancun and the Olympus Tours Foundation  organized a “Cypriot Cultural Day” which included videos, tasting of traditional Cypriot dishes and a lecture on “Cyprus Past and Present” which

Assistance after Hurricane Dean

September 2007 -After Hurricane Dean, the residents of the villages on the south coast of Quintana Roo needed the cooperation of all, just to keep going… Huracane Dean,  It made landfall as a Category 5 storm in Quintana Roo’s Costa Maya region, close to Riviera Maya and Cancun.   Olympus Tours Foundation send to the Mayan comunities emergency

Collaboration with the APAFHDEM

The Olympus Tours Foundation actively participates in different projects and events organized by APAFHDEM, the Parents Association of Children with Mental Disabilities. The Foundation awards scholarships to students in confectionery, baking, cooking and piñata making workshops and offers economic assistance to improve the center’s facilities; it provides on going support through the purchase of the