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APAFHDEM ´s 20th anniversary

Apafhdem´s 20th anniversary

On the past February 22nd 2013, Olympus Tours Foundation witnessed a big and important celebration: The 20th anniversary of APAFHDEM, a civil association that gives the intellectually disabled people in Cancun the opportunity to perform activities that help them being a productive part of the community.

To celebrate their two decades of hard work, the APAFHDEM staff, entertained the youngsters, their families and guests with a big cake, snacks and a show of the Xochiquetzal Folkloric Ballet.

One of the most exciting parts of the event was, indeed, the recognitions and thanks given by the kids of APAFHDEM to the people and institutions that have supported the organization throughout the years.

On behalf of the Olympus Tours Foundation, congratulations to the staff, the kids, friends and every single one of the institutions that collaborate with APAFHDEM and work every day to make our society, a better and more inclusive one. And thank you for letting us contribute with our share.

Erick received  Olympus Tours Foundation recognition