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” Endangered Animals of Quintana Roo”

  • The Olympus Tours Foundation, in an effort to conserve biodiversity on the planet and reaffirm our commitment to environmental education of the community of Benito Juarez  Cancun,  created an exhibit entitled  ” Endangered Animals of Quintana Roo “.

The exhibit includes a collection of photographs of CONABIO, (National Commission for Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity), Huichol art pieces,  replicas of pieces from the Museum of Anthropology and an installation of  “Dead Life”.  The goal of the exhibition is illustrate the dangers that threaten the survival of species living in our state and to raise awareness & sensitize the population about the importance of protecting and conserving the various ecosystems of  Quintana Roo.

Groups of elementary and middle school students are visiting the exposition which is open until November 2012.